The Wise One Medal is awarded to individuals who demonstrate excellence and persistence in study and research.
This award is given to individuals who show serious dedication to study on PaganPath.
This medal is given to individuals who show dedication to study and participation on PaganPath.
This award is given only to individuals who have successfully referred two or more people to PaganPath.

Your dedication to study and participation is rewarded with Points.

Nearly everything you do on PaganPath earns points, and you will receive awards or medals as you progress.  Some of these rewards are pictured here.

Not all rewards are displayed with Medals and Awards.  Some benefits of accumulating points are subtle and secret such as new areas opening up to you, extra articles and downloads appearing, and other perks.  Points can be time sensitive, such as when you log into the site on your birthday, you get extra points.

Here is an example of how "J. Doe" gathered points:

  • Joined the site:  30 points
  • Read an article:  10 points
  • Posted a topic on the forum:  10 points
  • Replied to a different topic:  9 points
  • Read another article:  10 points
  • Total Points for Day One:  69

Even inviting friends to visit the site will accumulate points for you, and when your friends join the site (free or Premium) you receive a huge bonus of points.  When your friend accumulates points, you always get 10% added to your points as well.  For example, when your friend reads an article and gets the normal 10 points, you also get 1 point!

More Things to do with Your Points

Points primarily track your progress toward rewards and toward unlocking special areas of the site.  They have no monetary value, but every once in a while you can exchange them for raffle tickets.

PaganPath reviews books, divination cards, and other product samples for Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, herbalists, tarot readers, and other practitioners.  After our reviews are published, we give away the books, cards or samples in a raffle.  We also occasionally raffle products and Premium Memberships (with full Academy enrollment) from the PaganPath Shop.

When we have a raffle, you will receive a notice in the Moon Mailer Newsletter and notices are posted in the Forum.


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