Discover Quartz Crystal Energy: 3 & 4

This "cluster" is used like a point or even a generator.There are four notable energy functions of quartz crystals, and these functions can be adapted to a great many uses. In section 3 you will learn about these four energy functions, and further down this article in section 4 you will discover how to perceive the energies of any stone or crystal.

3 : Primary Energy Functions

Quartz is used to enhance your meditation, prayer, healing and magic. It amplifies and focuses energy, and can be used to move, direct or alter energy. This makes them an excellent tool for distance healing. Crystals are also particularly well suited to storing energy or "programs".


Quartz will amplify all energies, especially thought forms. It will activate many levels of consciousness and can be used to enhance or develop mental and psychic powers.

Focus & Direct:

You can direct energy through a crystal to help focus the energy. This is particularly beneficial in stone healing layouts, for protective wards and ritual wands or other magical tools. Crystals will also help you retain mental focus for meditation and concentration.


Some stones may already contain recorded information, but you can program or charge your quartz crystal with specific energy, so long as it is attuned to the inherit energy within the stone.  Every stone has its own personality, so try to select one that is in harmony with your intent.  In section four below you will discover how to do this.


Quartz crystals will help synchronize and harmonize the energies of multiple people or other stones. Healing layouts and group working are enhanced.

4 : Perceiving Stone Energies

Hold your stone or crystal in the palm of your hand to sense its energies.Clear your mind and open yourself to the subtle energies around you. Look at your stone and get to know all of its visual, physical characteristics.  Spending time holding your crystal will help you unlock its secrets.

  1. Practice intentional breathing or circular breathing as you've learned in other classes here in the PaganPath Academy.  Briefly:  focus on your breath, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.  While inhaling, feel the air filling your lower lungs first allowing your lower abdomen swell, then fill your upper lungs allowing your chest to rise.  Exhale through your mouth in reverse, collapsing your abdomen first, then emptying your upper lungs while your chest falls.
  2. Hold your stone in your receptive hand as you've discovered in the Witchcraft & Wicca course in the PaganPath Academy.  If you aren't sure which is your receptive hand, just try one and then the other.  Usually the hand you write with is your projective hand and the other is your receptive.  You may find it easier to sense energies with your eyes closed.
  3. Reach out to sense the energy of your stone. You may feel a pulsing, tingling or temperature change in your hand. You might not feel anything in your hand and that is okay too! Sometimes you may feel a stone affecting a different area of your body. If you are holding an amethyst and sense a tingling on your brow, or feel the impulse to place the stone over your third eye area, do so! Experiment and sense to discover the secrets held within each individual stone.  You may not sense anything on your first attempt, so try again at a later time.  Sensing the energies of stones is more about allowing than it is about forcing.  Relax, clear your mind and don't "try" too hard, just let yourself slowly feel the energy the stone has to offer.

You will be drawn to certain crystals and stones that resonate with you or with your needs. A stone you once thought to be "sleepy" might awaken for you when you are in need of its special gifts.  Being around stones and crystals will help you become more attuned to their energies and you will quickly develop a knack for using them as tools in many areas of your life.

References & Resources

Circular Breathing entry at Wikipedia

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