Closeup of a circa 1960s Ouija Board from the PaganPath CollectionThere are some common problems associated with using the Ouija board to contact spirits or to develop your psychic skills. This article gives you five tips to using your Ouija board or other talking board without causing harm to yourself or others.

The Ouija is only as dangerous as you and/or your friends make it. Let me explain through the following true-life example:  I had recently returned to my mid-western hometown after having lived in New York.  An old friend called and asked if I could come up to her dorm room because she and a group of friends had been using the Ouija board and were now terrified because it was saying that they'd contacted a spirit named "Mike" who had committed suicide, and that one of the people in the group was going to die in a car accident. They were also asking about love and other popular questions.

When I got to the dorm room, they were still using the Ouija board even though they were afraid! They continued to work themselves up into a frenzy of terror that kept feeding on itself (much like the Witch craze of old times when people were so afraid of Witches, it was all they could think about and they would get so paranoid that EVERYTHING and EVERYONE might have something to do with Witchcraft). They would gasp every time the planchette would move and (surprise) it would always reveal something really terrible that would make them more frightened.

A dark cloud was psychically visible above the group, so I sat down and asked them why they kept doing it.  They couldn't explain.  They all said that they had to know what it would say.  I tried to cleanse the area discretely and it didn't seem to be working but then suddenly the plachette flew off the board and hit a girl that was asking questions in the forehead.  I don't know if it was the cleansing that caused this by angering "Mike" or if it was one of the people in the group, or what! They ran around screaming and then turned on the lights and threw the board across the room like it was a cockroach. One of the girls continued to use it alone for the next three weeks until she became very depressed and had to go home for a semester. Now, certainly not every example of using the Ouija is this intense, in fact, this is the worst scenario I've ever been witness to with the Ouija. However, we can learn from the situation. What went wrong?

Another Ouija Board from the PaganPath ColectionTip 1:  Primarily, they began with the wrong intentions. They wanted to contact spirits who would give them all the answers. Now, why would a spirit KNOW all the answers in the first place? And how does anyone know if they can trust the spirit? The Ouija can be a useful tool for mediumship (spirit contact) but can also be a tool to tap into the subconscious minds of the users. It is believed that we know more than we realize and often the answers are inside of us. In this way, it can be used to develop your own psychic powers without having to dig up some spirit of a questionable nature. Whether the situation above was spirit contact, tomfoolery, or ESP we cannot judge, however the Ouija is what each person or group makes it. This situation reflects the minds of that group at the time.

Like does attract like, so if you are trying to contact a spirit, try to rid yourself of fear and apprehension. Relax and breathe deeply. It is wonderful and entertaining to be excited, but try not to be afraid. If you are attempting to connect with your subconscious, again breathe deeply, and know yourself well. In other words, if you easily become obsessed with things (gambling, 900 #s, drugs, food, television, computers, internet, etc.) be sure to keep yourself in check with the Ouija as well. Obviously eight hours of Ouija or talking board sessions every day for a month is over doing it! One last quick note about developing psychic powers with the Ouija, if you are hiding truths from yourself that you aren't prepared to deal with, you may have problems. (examples may be: if you are homosexual, if you are self-hating, if you are in a relationship that you secretly wish would end but are afraid of being alone, etc.)

From the PaganPath Ouija Board CollectionIf you begin your Ouija session with the intention of just seeing what will happen, but without letting superstitious fears scare you, you're well on your way to a fun, entertaining, and informative experience.

Tip 2:  Second, when they contacted a spirit, they believed everything it told them. If you contact a spirit, ask who it is, where they are from, how they died, or any other questions. The "Mike" that the group had evoked never lived where he said he did and was obviously lying. Who knows if it was really ever a person, who can say whether or not it was the mind of one of the group, or a 'demon' or just a practical joke? After you have all the information, go to the library and check on it! If someone in the group knew the spirit in life, ask questions that the person in the group would not know, something you can verify from living relatives, or from information available from the library, city records, the internet, etc. Then, if it all checks out, go back and contact them again, or go over the notes of what the spirit said. If it doesn't check out, the energy may be a trickster type, or may be confused. It would be silly to assume that other worlds work on the same linear theories that ours does.

Part of the PaganPath CollectionTip 3:  Third, don't ask stupid questions. If you ask when you will die and the spirit says 'in 2 years in a crashed airplane' then you will be afraid. Some spirits (or energies, or demons, or thought forms, or whatever they are) feed on fear and will tell you anything to evoke that fear in you. Through this fear they gain control and power. So basically, they are feeding on YOUR energy. This type of psychic vampirism will draw even more 'hungry' energy forms to you, and the cycle goes on and on. And besides, your fate is not etched in stone. If what the spirit says is true, don't get on a plane 2 years from now and you will prevent it. If you ask the Ouija if ______ loves you, you don't need to contact a spirit to tell you, your inner self knows the truth and can answer through the Ouija or another form of divination.

Tip 4:  Fourth, If things get negative, put the board away, it is natural to be excited and a bit freaked out, but terror should never be a part of the work because it will draw energies that feed on that.

From the PaganPath CollectionTip 5:  Fifth, avoid using the Ouija alone, especially if you are new at it. If you've contacted a spirit with the board, it will be easier for that spirit to reappear whenever you use it. Why spend time with a spirit that may or may not be legitimate, may or may not be friendly, may or may not be who it says it is. If you are using it for psychic development, have another person there to write down the results and keep you in check so if something other than your inner psyche appears, you've got a friend there to help you. There are also other forms of divination that are not generally associated with spirits that may be more suitable for psychic development such as scrying, tarot, runes, etc.

So, it can be fun, exciting, and informative, or it can be dangerous, negative, and drive you insane. It is what you make it, you hold the responsibility (and your friends) so use your common sense and your sixth sense and HAVE FUN!

References & Resources

If this still isn't enough information for you, check out the book entitled Ouija, The Most Dangerous Game by Stoker Hunt for more a more in depth explanation of using the Ouija.

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