Pagan House Blessing and Cleansing for Witches and WiccansThis home ritual is designed to cleanse a house of negativity, but it is also designed to create a positive and balanced atmosphere which encourages friendship, prosperity, growth on many levels, success, happiness, peace and protection.  If you have some property with your home, planting a tree after this ritual and as part of the house warming celebration is a nice finale.

This ritual can be performed by a single individual, a couple, family, coven or group of friends.  You can use this ritual in an apartment, house, condo or any other type of home.  If this is a new house, you may need electricity (or gas) and water to be turned on before performing this blessing ritual.  You may adapt this ritual easily, and it is recommended that you compose your own words of power when required or desired.

The fire extinguisher may seem silly, but don't leave it out of the ritual.  It is, in my opinion, one of the most important tools of any candle lighting, incense carrying, cauldron bubbling Pagan, and a wonderful housewarming gift to yourself or others.

You Will Need:

  •     1 pound of salt or sea salt
  •     1 candle for each room in the house, white or your color choice in fire proof holders. Votive candles in heat proof cups work well.
  •     1 sage smudge stick, or your choice of incense such as cedar or sandalwood (Try our Sage Smudge sticks and purification incense)
  •     Lighter
  •     9 Lemons
  •     1 large (2 quart minimum) pot, non metal is best if you have one.
  •     1 knife or Bolline
  •     Vacuum with hose attachments
  •     Clean dry towels
  •     1 large stirring spoon or wooden spoon
  •     1 roll of pennies or small change
  •     Fire proof container or censor (abalone shell, flower pot with sand, cauldron, etc.)
  •     1 ABC (best) or AB (good) rated small fire extinguisher
  •     1 loaf fresh baked bread
  •     A new broom
  •     Optional: A tree or other plant, iron nails, horse shoe, hex symbol, stained glass ornament, witch ball, witch bottle, kitchen witch or other charm of your choice.


Gather all equipment outside of the house, on the front porch, in a box outside the door, in the yard or in your car. Enter the house with the fire extinguisher only and without any other ritual items. Open all the windows and doors. Remove batteries from smoke alarms and detectors and open all cupboard and closet doors, drawers or other enclosures at least an inch or more. Place the fire extinguisher in an easily accessible and convenient place.

Cleansing & Purification:

Return to your ritual gear and retrieve the pot, lemons, knife or Bolline, spoon and salt. Enter your kitchen and slice each lemon into sections.  I like to cut them into three wedges, but slice them however you wish but leave the peels on as in the picture.

Put all the sliced lemons into the pot and fill it with enough water to just cover the lemons. Stir the lemons and water clockwise with the spoon while adding a small handful (about 2 or 3 Tablespoons) of salt. Continue stirring clockwise while you focus your intent on cleansing and blessing. You can compose own words of power or simply say or think words straight from the heart while adding the salt. Something like, "All negativity and bane is cast out of this brew. Everything touched by this brew is cleansed."

Heat the pot full of lemons over medium to high heat. While you wait for it to come to a boil, move clockwise through the house, sprinkling salt as you go on carpets, in corners, in drawers, etc. Avoid sprinkling salt on metal surfaces, fine woods or in moist areas to prevent any corrosion or damage.

When the water has boiled in the pot, turn off the heat and allow it to cool. While waiting for the brew to cool, retrieve the vacuum from your supplies. Move through the house vacuuming up the salt from carpets and surfaces. Use the vacuum attachments when necessary to reach the salt in the back of drawers and shelves.

Take the vacuum back out to your supplies and retrieve the towels. Dip the towels in the lemon brew and wipe off large surfaces such as counter tops. This is not a physical cleaning, it is a psychic and spiritual cleansing so don't worry about scrubbing right now. Do not dip soiled towels back into the brew, only dip fresh clean towels into the brew.

Note: If a home is seriously negative, you can add a tablespoon of your brew to wall cleaning solutions, floor scrubs, dish soap, window cleaners, etc. and scrub floor to ceiling. We prefer to reserve about a cup of the solution in the refrigerator for a few days and add a few drops to all the cleaning solutions used as we move into the new house.

Moving again through your home in a clockwise fashion, dip your finger into the brew and trace a pentacle, rune or other symbol of personal significance onto windows and mirrors with the solution. Move around the house again and pour about a tablespoon of the solution down each sink, bathtub or shower drain and into the toilette. Return the pot to the stove and then retrieve the sage smudge stick (or incense) fire proof container and lighter.

Light the smudge stick or incense and hold it over the censor to catch any ashes as you walk clockwise through the house. Smudge all areas with the smoke, including the open drawers, closets and cabinets.

When finished, rest the incense or smudge stick in the censor or fire proof container and place it in the kitchen sink or put it out.

Blessing and Charging:

Retrieve the pennies or change, and the candles from your supplies. Moving clockwise through the house as much as possible, place a candle in or near the center of each room. In every drawer, closet, and shelf, place a penny. You can tuck these coins into the corners and out of sight. A blessing of prosperity may be thought or said as you place the coins. If you move later, these pennies should remain with the house.

Move through the house clockwise again lighting the candle in each room. You can simply say or think a blessing as you light each candle, dedicate each room to a specific purpose, or if you have assistance, allow other persons to say something as each candle is lit. For example, each family member may wish to say a blessing on their own bedroom.

Note: You may prefer to set up your household altar at this point in the blessing.

Retrieve the loaf of bread from your supplies. And while crossing the threshold of the house, say or think a blessing. The loaf is an offering and/or a symbol that no person in the house should hunger (but for knowledge!) Place the bread on a hearth, window sill, your altar if you set it up earlier, near the center of your home or on a counter. You may eat this loaf if desired as part of a house warming celebration, or bury it on the property as an offering.

Return to your supplies and retrieve your new broom. Place it across the doorway on the threshold of your home. Step over it (and if you have assistance, have them step over it into the house too) then pick it up and bring it into your home handle first. This may be your ritual broom, or a broom you use for mundane purposes. Place the broom wherever it will be stored in your home.

If you have selected an optional charm, bring it into your home and place it in a permanent location. You may say or think a final blessing while placing your charm. After this step, we usually open the house warming celebrations!

Final Notes:

After the smudging smoke has cleared, remember to close the windows and replace the batteries in the smoke alarms and detectors. It is a good idea to replace these batteries with new fresh ones.

Keep an eye on the candles in each room and allow them to burn themselves out. As mentioned in the materials list, it is best to use small votive or food warmer candles so they are finished in two or three hours and are not left burning for long periods of time. Do not leave candles burning unattended.

Don't allow the cleansing solution to sit in a metal pot after it has cooled. Transfer it to a plastic or metal container, jug spray bottle, etc. It will corrode metal pots if allowed to stand in them for too long.  ~30~  For more of Friday's rituals and articles, browse the Library.

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