To attract others to you for the purpose of romance. Focus
your intent while you apply it to determine the type of
relationship you want: love, lust, friendship.
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 To attract others to you for the purpose of romance. Focus
your intent while you apply it to determine the type of
relationship you want: love, lust, friendship.

Jasmine absolute, patchouli, cinnamon, ylang ylang, red mandarin, vetiver, rose petal from an
antique rose, rose quartz & more.

About PaganPath Custom Ritual & Magickal Oils:

Expertly crafted, synergistic blends of essential oils, natural resins, pure absolutes, crystals, stones and other energy enhancing herbs and ingredients. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its energy attributes as well as its ability to enhance the overall blend beyond the limits of the individual ingredients. These oils are made with all natural ingredients, but are for anointing, baths, rituals and external use only.

Please note that our oils are intended for serious practitioners and are pure concentrates! Except for Precious Drops, all PaganPath oils are pure concentrates. This means that you will probably only want to use one drop at a time. One vial contains between 25 to 30 drops, so you will be able to anoint as many candles, or wear a scent for about a month.

You may also dilute your oils at home with a half ounce of any quality base oil such as olive, almond, avocado, etc. You might also enjoy using some oils in your personal care items. For example, a vial of Tea Tree E or Rosemary E can be added to about 12 ounces of shampoo, or a vial of Prosperity M can be added to 16 ounces of unscented body lotion.

All PaganPath Essential oils and PaganPath Ritual and Magickal Oils are  premium quality, undiluted, “aromatherapy” grade.  No carriers, fillers or other dilutants.

Vial Size:

Your glass oil vial is 8 mm X 45 mm and holds 5/16 of a dram (about 25 to 30 drops). Plastic lid and applicator seals tight.

Many Ways to Use Your Oils:

You can use essential oils to bring the potent energy of the plant to your workings. This is a powerful way to incorporate the pure essence of plants into spells, lotions, shampoos, your own oil blends, creams, oil burners (diffusers), incense blends, etc.

All PaganPath oils and blends make excellent anointing oils for candles or altar tools, can be used to add energy to spell bags or mojo pouches, and make excellent personal fragrances. You can use any of the oils in a diffuser as you would incense. When worn as a perfume or added to your bath, you incorporate the energy of the oil into your personal power, and carry your magickal working with you, releasing the spell along with the fragrance.


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