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Wiccan garden

From Emma Goodson On Wednesday, 26 July 2017.

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I often feel conflicted when i garden because if i need to remove a plant because it is in the wrong place, or dispose of a plant i no longer like, i often feel guilty because of my Wiccan beliefs. Can gardening and Wiccan beliefs co-exist?

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Re:Wiccan garden
From Pam H On Tuesday, 01 August 2017
Answer :-

Hi Emma!

I have walked the house since early afternoon, thinking about this question. I do not identify with any particular "path" so I do hope that more who identify as Wiccan will speak up with responses.

I believe that the ideas that would cover this question may lie deeper in the topic of "animism".  Animism is a varying degree system of belief that all things have a spirit or soul.

Personally, I feel more comfortable describing myself as "nature venerating".  I use this alternate description of myself because of my personal definitions of spirit, soul, essence, and so forth. I do not necessarily see these components of our divine environment as being the attribution of human characteristics, even though I do believe that they are in everything around us.

I also believe that these divine components are indestructible and exist in a continuum. Birth, death, rebirth. Everything has a purpose and path in each of its cycles.

The ever mischievous, giggling mint that I keep having to remove from my tomato patch will flourish again in another manner months from now when I cover my beds with compost. (Most likely, again, as more mint.)

So, now that I've wandered all over the topic.... Yes. I do believe that gardening and Wiccan beliefs can coexist. I believe that the key is in the individual's definitions of the divine components.



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