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Moon Mailer Full Moon NewsThe Moon Mailer

The Moon Mailer is sent to your email address about once a month (13 times a year) around the time of the full moon.  The wide variety of information delivered to you in the Moon Mailer usually includes:

  • Lunar Phases and Astronomical Events such as Eclipses and Meteor Showers
  • Seasonal Recipes, Tips & Tricks for savvy Pagans, Witches, Wiccans and other crafty folks
  • Rituals, Spells & Meditations
  • Newest Articles on the site along with brief Site Updates
  • Available to all Members and public subscribers.

The PaganPath Academy Owl NewsletterThe Academy Owl

The Academy Owl, a quarterly e-zine style newsletter, is sent about four times a year.  If you are a Premium Member who pays modest yearly membership dues, it is strongly recommended that you subscribe to this newsletter. Issues contain a wide variety of subjects including:

  • Important Updates about Premium Membership
  • New classes and courses in Witchcraft, Wicca, Herbs, Tarot, Crystals and other lessons of interest to Pagans and magickal practitioners.
  • New Exclusive online books, articles and downloads
  • Free Giveaways and shop Discounts
  • First-Look at new articles, lessons and projects.
  • Chat room information
  • Available only to Premium PaganPath Members with Academy access.


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Academy Owl

News and Updates, extras and specials, for Premium Members with Academy access only.

Moon Mailer

Newsletter sent right before each full moon. Moon phase reminder, recipes, tips and tricks for savvy Pagans, Witches, Wiccans and other crafty folks, plus brief site updates.

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