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A type of magic using the energy of, or communicating with the dead.  Normally performed for divination, but sometimes used for extra power in spell casting.  Although similar to connecting with ancestral spirits, there is a definite line between the two.

Necromancy is often considered to land on the darker side of gray when it comes to magic, as the entities summoned are often compelled rather than invited, and the identity of summoned entities is not always clearly known.  Those new to magic often find these gray areas more attractive, mistakenly believing them to either be more powerful, or to appear more \cool\".

The most common form of necromancy performed is probably the use of the Ouija board.  Most people assume that this tool is used to contact dead spirits and that these spirits are somehow entitled to extra information that they would not have known when they were alive.  For example: \"When will I marry?\" \"Where is my lost ring?\"  \"What does the future hold?\"

Of course the Ouija is not necessarily intended as a necromancy tool, movies and media have encouraged such use.  The Ouija can also be used much like the Tarot or any other form of divination to connect with the higher self, collective consciousness, or specific energies or deities.

Necromancy is rarely practiced by modern Pagans, Witches and Wiccans.  There are very few practical uses of this form of magic, and most practitioners choose more precise techniques."


A fictional grimoire created by writer H. P. Lovecraft who first wrote about it in a short story, 'The Hound' in 1922.  Although many people believe this to be a true grimoire, it is and always has been fictional.  There are several books entitled 'The Necronomicon' that are dappled with legitimate sounding words and instructions.  These fake occult books have been referenced by many misguided individuals doing research into necromancy.  Because so many people have been duped by this work, there now IS some legitimacy to it due to the accumulation of energy put forth by a vast number of individuals feeding it with belief and intent.  However, it remains nearly unusable as a legitimate resource for magick or necromancy.  An entertaining read best kept in the fiction section!  For more information, please go to Wikipedia here: <a href=''></a>

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