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A charm can be an incantation, an amulet or a talisman (see entries for each here in the Reference Shelf).  Usually, a charm is like a spell or incantation but often sung or chanted . . .

It is appropriate, though less specific, to use the word charm as a synonym for an amulet or a talisman, like a lucky charm.

You can even charm a charm.  Meaning through singing, chanting, incantation, prayer, etc. you cast as spell (charm-verb) on an object (a charm-noun).  It would also be appropriate to call this charmed charm a talisman.

When you charm something, you enchant and delight either magickally or in the mundane.  You may wear a charm to ward off harm or to bring forth your desires, or you may cast a charm on your outfit to bring opportunities, or you may charm the neighbors with your wit.

From Old French charme (12c.) \magic, spell, incantation, song, lamentation,\" from Latin carmen \"song, verse, enchantment, religious formula,\" from canere \"to sing\"."

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