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An object that contains magickal powers or energies, usually man made but sometimes a natural or found object.  The earliest examples were specially marked pebbles and sacred stones, however many man made objects such as charms and talismans have been used for thousands of years.

The term 'fetish' is not often used on PaganPath because most internet searches for 'fetish' will result in a completely different meaning; that of sexual fetishes.  However, when the word is used here, it is in the context of an object imbued with power such as a poppet, charm, amulet or talisman.  We favor the use of the word 'fetish' in reference to created objects because the origins of the word are from the Latin <em>facticius</em> and <em>facere</em> (meaning 'artificial' and 'to make' respectively).  This is not a rule, just a general habit of the author, Volute.

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