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A charm can be an incantation, an amulet or a talisman (see entries for each here in the Reference Shelf).  Usually, a charm is like a spell or incantation but often sung or chanted . . .


To call forth or summon, often by sacred name in a solemn manner.  To bring forth into the mind and often into the material world.  To implore earnestly . . .

Cowrie Shells

This genus of shells can be used for divination, protection and fertility magic.Sea shells in the Trivia genus.  In most of the UK these are called "cowrie" shells.  They are closely related to true cowry shells but are a bit smaller, and are used in a similar fashion.  Sea shells of the trivia genus and small cowrie shells used in magic charms for protection (usually of women and children), fertility and divination.  Click on the image to the right to enlarge.

Cross Stone
Staurolite is often referred to as the \cross stone\" however this phrase is sometimes used for andalusite. More information regarding each of these may be found by using the PaganPath search."

Decorticate (deṖkorṖtiṖkate) to peel, or remove the outer coating, bark or husk.  Cardamom Seed is sometimes sold as \decorticated\" and when it is removed from the outer pod it is ready to grind and use.

Most decorticated spices must be stored properly as the shell or husk protects the delicate flavors from oxidizing.  Shelled peanuts are a good example of a commonly sold decorticated item.  They will go rancid more quickly than those sold in the shell.

Note, seal decorticated cardamom seeds in an airtight container and store in the freezer to preserve freshness."


Deosil is clockwise or sunwise movement and is more correctly spelled Deasil. Pronunciation varies among Pagans . . .


A substance that attracts, bonds or absorbs moisture from its environment.  More accurately, this is due to adsorption, meaning that moisture sticks to the surface of the desiccant, rather than absorption where the moisture enters into a material.  Think of it like adding=adsorption (moisture + desiccant).  For example, silica gel spheres may appear as small clear balls in your incense order from PaganPath.  These silica spheres attract the moisture away from your incense in a hygroscopic manner to keep them dry, cured, and free of mold or mildew.  Bentonite clay and sea salt are also used as natural desiccants for certain items from the site.  To recharge and re-use the silica gel beads, place them in a heat proof bowl in your oven at 250ḞF (120 ḞC) for two hours.

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