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A diluent or filler is a diluting agent.  An ingredient may be too concentrated, expensive or viscous to be used in the desired manner and a diluent is added to resolve the problem.  For example, jasmine absolute is extraordinarily costly and very potent.  A single drop of the jasmine may be added to an ounce of carrier oil (the diluent) to cut the cost and allow it to be used more easily without overpowering the senses.  Other absolutes and floral waxes may be combined with a diluent to make them less viscous so that they can be presented in a liquid form.

Dragon's Blood

A hard, brittle resin, usually bright orange-red in appearance when powdered and dark blood red to brown black in large chunks and mass.  Used magickally for protection, purification and energy amplification.  Used medicinally most notably as an astringent.  See the full article <a href=''>Dragon's Blood: Where it comes from, uses and recipes</a>.


The Apache name for turquoise (blue or green stone).  Note that in the 1887 book, \The Medicine Men of the Apache\" the author Bourke refers to duklij as malachite, however in our research here at, we've found that in the journal \"American Anthropologist\" volume 14, (circa 1912) this is shown to be incorrect and the author clearly meant turquoise."

Eagle Stone

An Eagle Stone (or Aeotoi Stone from the Greek for \eagle\") is also known as an Aetite.  An Eagle Stone is any stone that contains within itself another stone or particle, formaing a natural rattle.  The most common example is a \"thunderegg\" or geode.  However, nodules of clay ironstone, about the size of a walnut, are other frequent examples.

Because they are \"stones\" that contain another stone, they are often associated with childbirth and are said to prevent miscarriage.  Dioscorides recommends its use for this as well as for catching theives and treating epilepsy.

Here at PaganPath, we have come across many natural rattles, most of which could be regarded as Eagle Stones.  Their properties depend upon the materials from which they are composed.  For example an amethyst geode sphere with a loose point inside that rattles will have the energy of amethyst as well as the Eagle Stone attributes.

Childbirth is only one correspondence for these natural rattles and modern Pagans use them for birthing any new ideas, creativity, and associations with eagles such as messengers, alertness and power."


Ephemeris can be found on the Home page of') Used in astronomy, magick, astrology and celestial navigation, ephemeris (plural ephemerides) provides the phase and position of astronomical objects for a specific time.

For example on the <a href=''>Home page of PaganPath</a> you will see an area labeled 'Today's Sky'.  This area shows the current moon phase and position (astrological sign) as well as the astrological sun position.

Ephemeris comes from the Greek word for diary or journal.


When you evoke something you call it out, rouse or summon.  For example, you may evoke an energy from within yourself into an object or magickal triangle.  Like invoke, there is an element of vocalization to the word evoke . . .


An object that contains magickal powers or energies, usually man made but sometimes a natural or found object.  The earliest examples were specially marked pebbles and sacred stones, however many man made objects such as charms and talismans have been used for thousands of years.

The term 'fetish' is not often used on PaganPath because most internet searches for 'fetish' will result in a completely different meaning; that of sexual fetishes.  However, when the word is used here, it is in the context of an object imbued with power such as a poppet, charm, amulet or talisman.  We favor the use of the word 'fetish' in reference to created objects because the origins of the word are from the Latin <em>facticius</em> and <em>facere</em> (meaning 'artificial' and 'to make' respectively).  This is not a rule, just a general habit of the author, Volute.

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