Pagan & Craft Traditions
Bruce A. GraysonPagan & Craft Traditions

Traditions are also known as "Trads". By necessity, these definitions are general. Each Witch in eve [ ... ]

Florida Water & Bay Rum Formulas
Bruce A. GraysonFlorida Water & Bay Rum Formulas

Florida Water is a type of Eau de Cologne with citrus and herbal notes. The name is a reference to t [ ... ]

Moon Sign Meanings & Dates
Bruce A. GraysonMoon Sign Meanings & Dates

Times listed are in GMT. This page is updated to always show at least six months ahead. Scroll down  [ ... ]

Natural Cure for Stained Nails
Bruce A. GraysonNatural Cure for Stained Nails

Have you ever painted your nails black or green when dressing up "Witchy"?  Did you accidentally st [ ... ]

Mead Magic
Bruce A. GraysonMead Magic

Mead is often referred to as the Nectar of the Gods, or the Drink of Love. It is a delightful ritual [ ... ]

Stone Soup A Traditional Folk Tale
Bruce A. GraysonStone Soup A Traditional Folk Tale

Stone soup is a popular folk tale. Many versions exist and this version, highly adapted specifically [ ... ]

Handling Magick & Psychic Attacks
Bruce A. GraysonHandling Magick & Psychic Attacks

Eventually, it happens. Someone messes with you and you need them out of your life, or you need to [ ... ]

Volute's Vanilla Chai Snickerdoodles
Bruce A. GraysonVolute's Vanilla Chai Snickerdoodles

Better than anything you'll find at an upscale bistro, cafe or bakery, these whole wheat cookies are [ ... ]

Forum Help
Bruce A. Grayson

This page will help you create posts and replies on the Forum.  If you need further help, conta [ ... ]

Symbols of Pagan Paths
Bruce A. GraysonSymbols of Pagan Paths

There are many symbols used by Pagans, and there is no one defining symbol of Paganism.
Some of the m [ ... ]

Inside a Witches' Coven
Bruce A. GraysonInside a Witches' Coven

PaganPath Book Review: We give this book 3.5 Stars out of 5 Stars:  About a year after we bega [ ... ]

True History of Candle Magick
Bruce A. GraysonTrue History of Candle Magick

Colored candles can be excellent magical tools, however, candle magic in its current form is a relat [ ... ]

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