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TOPIC: An Older Classical Myth Poem that I revisited while reading

An Older Classical Myth Poem that I revisited while reading 18 Jun 16 4:22 pm America/Chicago #1

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Back in the day, we didn't have the wonderful access to information that we do today. Knowledge and information was found in dusty corners, old bookstores, library stacks and files, and places called archives where snippy people allowed you only a pencil, one piece of lined paper and stood over you to make sure you didn't remove your white gloves. One of my early treasures that I could actually leave out in my bookcase (I was barely more than a teen then) was a copy of Classic Myths in English Literature edited by C.M. Gayley. I still nostalgically treasure this work and read from it when I feel like studying mythology.

Anyhow... There is a poem in it that it is one of my favorites (and I'm sure a classic).

"The Naiad" by Robert Buchanan

Dian white-arm'd has given me this cool shrine,
Deep in the bosom of a wood of pine:
The silver-sparkling showers
That close me in, the flowers
That prink my fountain's brim, are hers and mine;
And when the days are mild and fair,
And grass is springing, buds are blowing,
Sweet it is, 'mid waters flowing,
Here to sit, and know no care,
'Mid the waters flowing, flowing, flowing,
Combing my yellow, yellow hair.

The ounce and panther down the mountainside
Creep thro' dark greenness in the eventide;
And at the fountain's brink
Casting great shades they drink,
Gazing upon me, tame and sapphire-eyed;
For, awed by my pale face, whose light
Gleameth thro' sedge and lilies yellow,
They, lapping at my fountain mellow,
Harm not the lamb that in affright
Throws in the pool so mellow, mellow, mellow,
Its shadow small and dusky-white.

Oft do the fauns and satyrs, flusht with play,
Come to my coolness in the hot noon-day.
Nay, once indeed, I vow
By Dian's truthful brow,
The great god Pan himself did pass this way,
And, all in festal oak-leaves clad,
His limbs among these lilies throwing,
Watch'd the silver waters flowing,
Listen'd to their music glad,
Saw and heard them flowing, flowing, flowing,
And ah! his face was worn and sad!

Mild joys around like silvery waters fall;
But it is sweetest, sweetest far of all,
In the calm summer night,
When the tree-tops look white,
To be exhaled in dew at Dian's call,
Among my sister-clouds to move
Over the darkness earth bedimming,
Milky-robed thro' heaven swimming,
Floating round the stars above,
Swimming proudly, swimming, proudly swimming,
And waiting on the Moon I love.

So tenderly I keep this cool green shrine,
Deep in the bosom of a wood of pine;
Faithful thro' shade and sun,
That service due and done
May haply earn for me a place divine
Among the white-robed deities
That thread thro' starry paths, attending
My sweet Lady, calmly wending
Thro' the silence of the skies,
Changing in hues of beauty never ending,
Drinking the light of Dian's eyes.
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Thank You from these Members:: Otatara, Sporehead

An Older Classical Myth Poem that I revisited while reading 28 Jul 16 1:32 am America/Chicago #2

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I really liked this poem, Daella, thank you for sharing it!
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