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TOPIC: Need help

Need help 29 Jul 16 10:29 pm America/Chicago #1

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What does it mean when it says parts in making incenses? For example: 3 parts cinnamon.
Please help
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Need help 30 Jul 16 4:30 pm America/Chicago #2

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It is easiest to explain by example.

If a recipe like our PaganPath Moon Incense says

10 part sandalwood powder
1 part amber

You simply pick your "part"

Say you only have a small amount of sandalwood, so your "part" may be a half teaspoon. So you would need 10 half teaspoons of the powder and 1 half teaspoon amber.

Rarely you will encounter recipes that part out by weight instead of volume. In these rare instances, you would use ten ounces (or grams for a small batch) of sandalwood and 1 ounce (or gram) of amber.

When in doubt, go by volume. Many of these types of recipes are intuitive and made to be followed while you are in that half-way-here-between-the-worlds-deep-alpha state, so they often based on handfuls or scoops (by volume). When a recipe's "parts" are by weight (darn! forgot to bring the scalle into the cast circle, arg!) it is usually noted as such. When there is no note, directions or description, it is usually by volume.
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