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TOPIC: Samhain is coming!

Samhain is coming! 24 Oct 16 8:19 am America/Chicago #1

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MM all,

what are your plans? ritual or mundane or both?

I am celebrating with the coven, we will most likely have a very serene ritual to connect with our ancestors, both blood relatives and more "spiritual tribe" ancestors you feel connected to. Also, a personal divination is often incoorporated into the ritual. Sometimes, New Year's gifts are presented. I am sure that it will be a good combination of spiritual celebration and "plain fun gathering", as always. I am looking forward to it!

"Halloween" is becoming a bigger and bigger thing here in Belgium, commercially but also socially. Every year, there is also some attention to the pagan origins of this feast. Lots of nighttime walk are organised around time and some towns or neighbourhoods are starting to "trick or treat".
I hope this gradually opens people's minds for a broader understanding of what paganism is, what we do and that we are taken seriously instead of seen as freaks or oddballs. If nothing else, I hope it can bring people together around a bonfire with some hot wine and spread a little friendship in dark times.


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Samhain is coming! 25 Oct 16 10:02 pm America/Chicago #2

  • Rhythmwolf
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Samhain is my favorite holiday. My husband and I always start the festivities with a Halloween party for our friends. Its a fun gatherings to just hang out, eat, drink and be merry. I'm going as Princess Leia this year.

Samhain itself is set aside as a day of festivities for myself and hubby. We have a feast for dinner making sure to set the table for the Gods as well as family members no longer with us. Ritual will be held. Then some time for brief reflections regarding what this past year brought us and our hopes for the new year. Hubby usually heads for bed at this point. I set aside personal time for divination and breaking of the Veil.

Hope your holiday is magickal!

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Samhain is coming! 28 Oct 16 8:40 pm America/Chicago #3

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Hello everyone! This year my husband and I plan to hand candy out to trick-or-treaters. Afterward, I want to perform a ritual for the loved ones that have passed and for a fresh start in a new year. I haven't been a fan of the past year. I hope all of you have a wonderful Samhain!
Blessed Be!
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Samhain is coming! 31 Oct 16 1:01 pm America/Chicago #4

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I am on one of my rather sporadic trips to the United States, so I will be spending Samhain around a bonfire, up on a hill with the redoubtable Friday and Rabblerouzer. I am not sure what we are going to do exactly, but Friday has declined to sacrifice a chicken on her outdoor altar in order to terrorise the neighbours, or to wear a silver crown fitted with eight purple tapered candles that would drip hot wax on her head, with or without a matching purple and silver throne, or to lead a black goat around the circle nine times counterclockwise, along with any other suggestions I came up with. She did however, agree to a bottle of Prosecco so I am going to put that in the car and drive On The Wrong Side Of The Road (New Zealanders drive on the left) through the mountains to their place. Happy Hallowe'en everyone!
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Thank You from these Members:: zanna, char8706

Samhain is coming! 31 Oct 16 4:16 pm America/Chicago #5

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MM And Hello To Everyone,
Samhain is here and as part of my celebration I decided to join here to reaquaint myself with Pagan Practices and Paths. I feel I need a brushing up and to be a part of a group setting so that I can.... feel connected.... I guess is the best way I can put it. I'm a Solitary Pagan and around another person who's not religious at all. So, there's not really a spiritual connection of any kind there.
My intention for the rest of my celebration is to (hopefully, if the internet service co-operates) worship with a on-line group who is performing ritual. So, if all goes well, that should be fun.

Happy Samhain To Everyone

Miss Jody
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Samhain is coming! 31 Oct 16 4:33 pm America/Chicago #6

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Well met and welcome Miss Jody!
If you can't handle an hour of leisure time, then eternity is going to be a problem.
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