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TOPIC: Hecatine Tradition

Hecatine Tradition 11 Dec 16 9:56 pm America/Chicago #1

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I am trying to find out information on this tradition, all the things I find are either a brief sentence or two with a vague description, or a link to a nonexistent web page that was posted a long time ago. As I follow Hecate in an eclectic pagan path, I think that learning more of this tradition can deepen my understanding and worship of Hecate. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
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Hecatine Tradition 28 Dec 16 12:40 pm America/Chicago #2

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I do have quite a bit of research for you, just no time to get it together. Can you give me a week or so and meanwhile hopefully others will help you with your quest. I will post here asap!
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Hecatine Tradition 28 Dec 16 1:26 pm America/Chicago #3

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I cant wait for Fridays new article!
Last Year "Sage Women" magazine put out a great issue on the darker goddesses. It was an amazing issue like always, I just cant find the issue right now.
There was a particularly insightful article on Hecate. There are quite a few other articles on Hecate in Sage Women. I would just search 'Sage Women Hecate'.
hope that helps a littler
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