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TOPIC: Blessed Imbolc!

Blessed Imbolc! 4 Feb 17 7:19 am America/Chicago #1

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A few days late, but a blessed Imbolc (Lammas in the Southern Hemisphere) to all! Even though I no longer have to deal with the extremes of winter, it's nice to know that the spring is coming and new life abounds.

My new garden seeds have arrived and I'm excited to experiment with gardening in a new climate. How is everyone else welcoming the new season?
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Thank You from these Members:: Friday

Blessed Imbolc! 6 Feb 17 2:28 pm America/Chicago #2

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Merry Imbolc to you too!
We celebrated Brigid and the return of the light, were blessed by maiden, mother and crone, received grains of wheat that we sowed in ashes of the yule bonfire and watered from a spring nearby. For cake and wine there were lots of pancakes, which is traditional for both pagans and Christians for light mass/ imbolc throughout Europe. The day are visibly getting longer here, but tempetatures remain changeable. We had +10°C today, predictions for -5°C in a few days. So the wheat is only going in indoor pots until I get the greenhouse fixed. It's a bit early for vegetable gardening preparations, but I have time and imbolc energy now to clean everything up that should have been done before winter. Can't wait :-)
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Thank You from these Members:: Friday, zanna

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