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TOPIC: merry meet, all!

merry meet, all! 13 Feb 17 9:28 pm America/Chicago #1

  • phoenixchild
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  • i'm new to this,, but hello! blessed be !!
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hi! i'm andi, and i'm probably going to delete this in 0.003 seconds, but hi. i'm really super new to Wicca, and i would really appreciate help or guidance by any experienced individual(s). is this a normal thing to do? i'm sorry if it's not, but i just wanted to introduce myself...
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Thank You from these Members:: Friday

merry meet, all! 14 Feb 17 7:17 am America/Chicago #2

  • zanna
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Merry meet Andi! Welcome to the PP forum. Feel free to check out the classes, share your stories, and ask plenty of questions. There are many different paths represented here, including Wicca. We all started somewhere so welcome to your new path!
If you can't handle an hour of leisure time, then eternity is going to be a problem.
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Thank You from these Members:: Friday

merry meet, all! 2 Mar 17 2:13 pm America/Chicago #3

  • Friday
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Welcome phoenixchild, glad you didn't hit the delete, good to have you here!
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merry meet, all! 7 Mar 17 3:04 am America/Chicago #4

  • linearosekahn16
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It is perfectly natural to ask for guidance! I have been practicing for 7 years and I still ask Friday for advice!! Introductions are great, and don't worry about being normal. Everyone in the world has something abnormal about them....which actually makes them special!!
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