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TOPIC: The Wand...

The Wand... 19 Jul 17 11:28 am America/Chicago #1

  • Dani
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Hello! I am currently in the process of making my own wand. No clue what type of tree is in my yard.
Thought I would share it with you. I read somewhere that a good wand length is the length of your lower arm + hand. So far I have sanded it & anointed it with Coconut Oil. May do some wood-burning...
Was going to carve a notch to mark where the hand goes but got a strong impression this wand didn't want it.
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The Wand... 4 Sep 17 4:14 pm America/Chicago #2

  • Ladon
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Merry meet,

Nice! Thanks for sharing. If you own a smartphone, there should be apps that recognise the tree for you by taking a picture. Or you could try to determine yourself what kind of tree it is using the leaves, bark, seeds/fruit, flower in spring, buds, shape,... the origin of your staff influences its properties and you will probably use it a lot and for a long time. Also: it's in your backyard, aren't you curious ☺? In my tradition it is customary to use willow. We also use the length from our elbow to the tip of the middle finger.
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The Wand... 5 Sep 17 9:29 am America/Chicago #3

  • Friday
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It looks great! If you take a picture of the tree, one of a branch so I can see how the leaves cluster, a closer picture of the leaves, one of the bark and one of any fruit or flowers then it is very likely I can identify it for you and will share any folklore and magical information I have about it if you like. Also, I make "Wand Wax" and will offer it in the shop if you are interested, or if not I can share a few recipe ideas: You already have coconut oil, and if you warm it up and add about 20% beeswax you'll get a nice wood conditioner with a little more staying power to help prevent cracks on new wood. Less wax=more creamy, more wax=firmer finish. I also use carnuba for some altar tools to help me buff them to a high sheen after I've conditioned them for a turn of the wheel of the year. When I make it, I add the traditional "altar" blessing oils (sandalwood essential oil, rose absolute, cinnamon essential oil, frankincense & myrrh resinnoids, etc.) At first I'll anoint new tools every month until deeply conditioned, and after a wheel I'll go for anointing at the Sabbats, until finally the third year it is just once or twice.
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The Wand... 27 Sep 17 12:08 pm America/Chicago #4

  • Ouroboros
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Well done! I love making wands, but you know what! I never use one. Recently I made a double ended wand of power. It is half white and half Black. It was suggested that I needed one to perform the The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram. However I'm not much of a ceremonial witch so guess what,, haven't used it yet. The wand has taken its place with several Holly, Hazel, Oak and Rowan wands.
love and Laughter
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