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TOPIC: Musings on the Seasons...

Musings on the Seasons... 14 Oct 17 12:56 pm America/Chicago #1

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...or, "We're not Witches 8 Times a Year".

So I recently joined up with an online group studying different aspects of the season. Long story short, I'm back here now wondering why I didn't bring the topics here for discussion begin with. One thing that did come out of my meditations during the time with that group was an entry I wrote for my BOS titled "We're Not Witches 8 Times a Year". It's long, so I've attached a photo of my BOS pages so I hope it comes through.

Anyway, what I realized after working with that other group is that so many of us get so caught up in this daily life thing and only pay attention to the sabbats 8 times a year when a reminder pops up on our calendar app. *ding* holiday reminder... OMG, I need to (insert appropriate ritual here: I need to light a candle for dead relatives, I need to make a corn dollie, I need to plant something, I need to harvest something). Rather than 8 days to celebrate each year, if we claim to be witches living in harmony with nature and it's cycles, we should be living and participating through 8 seasons. All day, every day.

For example: Rather than getting an alert on October 24th and spending the week getting things ready for Samhain on the 31st, the season of the 3rd harvest begins at Mabon. There are five and a half weeks to live the season until Samhain. This is the time to reflect on the coming darkness and the final harvest. This is the time to review the past year and the outcomes of what we planted during the Imbolc, Ostara, and Beltane seasons. Likewise, the "season" from Imbolc to Ostara is 7 weeks to begin planting for the year. Planting actual seeds, seeds for a new job or relationship, beginning steps for goals for the year. Maybe to learn a new language or visit a new place.

Ritual can be performed every day. It doesn't have to be an elaborate event. It is noticing where you are in the yearly cycle and deciding to live that each day. It can be as simple as a ritual of learning one word each day in your quest for a new language. In this way we become part of the cycles and seasons and not just occasional participants 8 times a year.
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