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TOPIC: Greetings from Australia

Greetings from Australia 15 Oct 17 1:45 am America/Chicago #1

  • Justice60
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Hi Everyone!
I live in Central Queensland, Australia. It's very hot here for 9 months of the year, and this immediate area is known for its cattle industry.
I have 2 horses - who are my familiars, 4 dogs and 2 cats.
I live with my partner Terry. Although I'm new to PagaPath, I am not new to the Craft, having studied and practiced for over 40 years now (I can't believe how fast time disappears!). Mainly I've been involved with Wicca, Traditional Craft paths and Odinism. At Uni I majored in Comparative World Religions and Philosophy.
Horses are my main life interest besides the Craft, and I've ridden them for pleasure, work and competition.
As I'm geographically isolated from any other Pagans I felt PaganPath would be an ideal way to be in touch with witches from around the globe. (This is the sort of tiny, rural town where the townspeople still talk in hushed tones about a couple of - dare I say it? - Buddhists! who passed through here 7 years ago. Yep.......THAT sorta town LOL).
I look forward to being in touch with anyone who would care to say 'hi'.
Brightest Blessings
( My mare's name is Justice!)
Courage is this: being afraid and saddling up anyway. John Wayne.
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Greetings from Australia 15 Oct 17 6:56 am America/Chicago #2

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Merry meet Justice60! I love the description of your town and could definitely relate it to a few places I've visited. We are a varied group here to be sure, so welcome to the community!
If you can't handle an hour of leisure time, then eternity is going to be a problem.
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Thank You from these Members:: Justice60

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