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TOPIC: Important News for ANYONE using the internet. Really.

Important News for ANYONE using the internet. Really. 27 Nov 17 12:46 am America/Chicago #1

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You all know that I don't post things like this unless it is really important. This is the second time in over twenty years, so heads up folks. First check out the news:

The Washington Post, Headline: FCC plan would give Internet providers power to choose the sites customers see and use

Next, do something about it: How to call the FCC about Net Neutrality 17-108 You can scroll down on this page to find links to lodge your complaint on the FCC website instead of calling if you prefer. Remember the proceeding number is 17-108 and the Filer is your name. They make the form tricky.

Note that this whole situation is a tricky one, and everyone needs to actually do something about it (not just a facebook complaint post). You'll have to lodge an official FCC complaint (unlike SOPA where you can just sign a petition). But this is a seriously important time for all of us.

Thank you, and many blessings to you.
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Important News for ANYONE using the internet. Really. 27 Nov 17 5:48 pm America/Chicago #2

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Hi Friday, Does this affect Canada as well? Do I have to be American to sign the complaint?
I will sign if i can.
love and Laughter
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