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Terms of service

Return Policy:  You may return any item ordered in new condition within 30 days from the day you received it for a full refund of your purchase price. You are responsible for any shipping charges for returning items to the shop.

Privacy Notice:  All mail-order shipments are discretely marked with plain labels. Your information is never shared or sold to other companies or individuals, and you will not receive any random promotional mailings at home. PaganPath is an extension of Wind N Wood, which encompasses the website, shop, academy, organic orchard, herb and perennial nursery and sanctuary. To protect your privacy, only our official information and mailing address will appear on your shipments as:

Wind N Wood
35 Wind N Wood Trail
Story, AR 71970-7907

If you would like to make special arrangements or requests, or have specific instructions, questions, concerns, returns or refund requests, just email or call Robert or Friday at:

Legally Required Disclaimer:  We are deeply committed to our Pagan path and believe in the powers of natural plants and materials to enhance our lives. However, legally* we cannot endorse or make claims as to the effectiveness of any product sold for its spiritual, occult, medicinal, magical or health purposes. We offer products as 'curios' only and provide information regarding historical and traditional uses for your personal reference and enjoyment. This information is not to be used in place of competent medical care. Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human diseases or conditions. The utilization and application of the information and products offered by PaganPath shall not be subject to any implied warranty or endorsements of fitness for any purpose. You are solely responsible for determining the advisability of utilizing any information and products, and for any and all results which shall arise out of use of the information or products. Please test any oils, balms or other products you intend to use on your skin on a small area first to check for any allergies or other reactions. *Pursuant to current United States Postal Service regulations and other Federal and State laws.

PaganPath Premium Memberships & Academy Enrollment is governed by the Terms & Conditions here.

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