Henna (Mehendi)

The finest henna product we have ever found. Excellent magickal properties of energy and protection. The perfect hair and scalp treatment, also used to stain sigils and designs on skin.
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Henna has excellent magickal properties of energy and protection.  The rich chestnut color reflects the warmth and energy henna provides, and is just red enough to be a reminder that it protects from negativity and psychic drain.  This henna is the perfect hair and scalp treatment that can also be used to stain sigils and designs on skin.  Great for rituals, magick and spells, handfastings and weddings, temporary tattoo designs or for celebrations and Sabbats.

After years of experimentation with herbs, henna from every region and company, and other "natural" over the counter products, this is by far the best I've come across.  It provides a rich and natural color wash that lasts and lasts while conditioning and covering grays.  This brand does not cause the itching scalp sometimes encountered with other henna, and the color sets quickly, lasting for weeks of color and conditioning.

I love the richness and natural look this product provides.  If your hair is very light blond, you can do a quick 30 minute treatment to give it a strawberry and fire kiss, or leave it on for 4 or more hours and you will have hair of fire!  For medium blond and light brown hair, it restores the texture, and enriches your color, giving it extra warmth.  In sunlight, your hair will have a firey glow.  For dark brown and black hair, the smooth sheen and conditioning, along with a sparkle of fire reflected in light will make you smile.

To use, I mix half a package with water and apply for 30 minutes for conditioning, or mix it with a teaspoon of lemon juice (not more!) and coconut milk (unsweetened) and leave it on overnight for a complete color, texture and magical transformation. To cover grays and roots, I mix 1/3 of a package with water and 1/4 teaspoon lemon juice, and leave on for about 4 hours.

As a general guide:  For long hair or first time use, use the entire 140 grams.  For medium to short hair and for touch ups and roots, use 1/3 to 1/2 of the bag (45 to 70 grams).

Do not apply to chemically treated hair. If you have colored or permed your hair in the past three months, it is not recommended that you use henna products.

Come only in Large, 140 gram sealed mylar package.

This henna can be used to stain or tint skin, but it excells for use on hair.

The newest blend of henna by Godrej - Nupur Henna with 9 Herbs! Godrej Nupur brings to you the best quality of Rajasthani Mehendi with nine carefully chosen natural herbs valued for their hair care benefits. The ingredients are added in perfect proportions to give your hair the fabulous shiny & silky feel that you desire every single day. This mix of herbs plus henna is an excellent combination for anyone looking for both conditioning and added strength!!

From Godrej Nupur (the Manufacturer)

Henna (or Mehendi, as it is commonly called) has been trusted for centuries. It is an extremely popular hair care solution known for its natural-goodness and deep nourishing qualities.

Godrej Nupur brings to you the purest quality Rajasthani Henna that’s acknowledged worldwide for superior colouring and conditioning capabilities. Godrej Nupur is additionally fortified with 9 special herbs that’ve been carefully picked for their hair care benefits. Nupur henna is a 100% natural formulation that your hair would love.

Goodness of 9 Herbs

The best of Rajasthani henna combined with 9 natural herbs added in perfect proportions makes Godrej Nupur.
BRAHMI - Promotes better hair growth.
SHIKAKAI - Leaves your hair clean and shining.
ALOE VERA - Moisturizing your hair and making it silky.
METHI (Fenugreek) - Conditioning, nourishing and revitalizing your hair.
BHRINGRAJ - Enriching your hair, adding a lush character to it.
AMLA - Darkening your natural hair colour, while adding shine and luster.
NEEM - Fights scalp infection and preventing dandruff.
HIBISCUS - Rejuvenates your hair, making it shiny and silky.
JATAMANSI - Prevents your hair from graying.

Manufacturer's Instructions:

Let Nupur henna soak in water for 2 to 3 hours. Wish for extra soft hair? Add a small portion of curd or oil! (Friday recommends a teaspoon of olive oil if your hair is dry) Apply it on your hair from the root to tip. Wrap it up and leave it for 3 to 4 hours. Rinsee it thoroughly with water. You are now ready for a superb selfie!


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