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The following interpretations of the meanings of the Elder Futhark1 runes are summarized from my research through dozens of books and manuscripts.... Read More...
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Shown in the three Aettir

The following interpretations of the meanings of the Elder Futhark1 runes are summarized from my research through dozens of books and manuscripts. After studying the works of several respected scholars and rune practitioners (most notably Edred Thorsson and Freya Aswynn) I have provided a brief description and meaning for each rune.

Note that there is no "true" interpretation of the rune meanings, and every scholar brings their own perspective to the table. The keywords and phrases appearing first in the list are the most agreed upon meanings, the later are somewhat more modern interpretations. When you draw a rune for inspiration, refer to this quick reference as well as your personal insight and, if available, the additional resources noted at the bottom of this article.

The name of each rune is followed by its approximate pronunciation. The next paragraph contains the meanings as keywords and phrases, and at the end it the rune's phonetic equivalent in "quotes". The third paragraph is an excerpt from a traditional rune poem2 referring to the specific rune.

Many practitioners divide these twenty four runes into three Ættir, families or groups of eight runes. Each Ætt considered by some to be influenced by a God and Goddess. As a reference if you are interested in this view; the first eight runes listed here are referred to as Freyr's Ætt (or Frey and Freyja), the second set of eight runes is Hagal's Ætt (or Heimdall and Mordgud) and the third set of eight is Tyr's Ætt (or Tîwaz and Zisa). The large image of the entire set of runes shows these Ættir in three corresponding rows.

Fehu Rune

Fehu "fay-who"

Cattle, wealth, property (mobile), dynamic power, money, livestock, liquid assets, responsibility, luck, fee, promotion. Controlled power over wealth. Manifesting creative energy and power. Invest wisely to increase wealth. "f"

Money is a comfort --- to everybody --- although every man ought --- to deal it out freely --- if he wants to get approval --- from the lord

Uruz Rune

Uruz "ooo-rooze"

Auroch3, vital strength, primal power, determination, health, perseverance, manifestation, will, drizzle, rain, wisdom & lore (derived from universal patterns), forces of creation, morphogenetic fields, the order (patterns) and churning force (power/energy) of the universe. "oo, u, v"

Auroch is fearless --- and greatly horned --- a very fierce beast, it fights with its horns --- a famous roarner of the moor --- it is a courageous animal

Thurisaz Rune

Thurisaz "thoor-ee-saws"

Thorn, protection, fence, barrier, enemy of baneful forces (a force to oppose bane - use wisely), defense, destruction, applied power, Thor, giant, focus, pain. "th"

Thorn is very sharp --- for every thane --- who grasps it; it is harmful --- and exceedingly cruel --- to every man --- who lies upon them

Ansuz Rune

Ansuz "awn-sooze"

Breath, word/song (as in words of power or incantations), shaping power or sound, divine power within, expression, communication, inspiration, eloquence, consciousness, a god, Odin, Woden, luck, good fortune, ash (tree), OM?. "aa, aah, aw"

Ash is very tall --- (and) very dear to men --- firm (steady) on its base --- it holds its stead (place) rightly --- though it is attacked (fought against) --- by many men (folks)

Raidho Rune

Raidho "rye-though"

Riding, wheel, journey and travel, quest, change, ritual, rhythm, movement, order, underworld, that which is right, justice, moving into a consciousness in harmony with natural order, like a conductor directing movements in an orchestra. "r"

Riding is in the hall --- to every warrior --- easy, but very hard --- for the one who sits up --- on a powerful horse --- over miles of road

Kenaz Rune

Kenaz "kane-awze"

Torch, light, fires of transformation, illumination, regeneration, enlightenment, kinship, passing the torch of wisdom, passion and creation inherent in sexuality. "k"

Torch is to every living person --- known by its fire --- it is clear and bright --- it usually burns --- when the athlings (noble-men) --- rest inside the hall

Gebo Rune

Gebo "gay-bow"

Gift, exchange of powers, relationships, exchanges, crossing paths or uniting, connections and mutual respect between giver/receiver, balance (of energy and exchange), exchanges create evolution. "g, as in gift"

Gift is for every man --- a pride and a praise --- help and worthiness --- (and) of every homeless adventurer --- it is estate and substance --- for those who have nothing else

Wunjo Rune

Wunjo "woon-yo"

Joy, perfection, shared goals, harmony of like forces, the best traits of all involved combined as a force, wishes, happiness, well being or peacefullness, satisfaction or harmony from achieving goals. "w, v"

Joy is had --- by the one who knows few troubles --- pains or sorrows --- and to him who himself has --- power and blessedness --- and a good enough house (or "and also the plenty of towns)

Hagalaz Rune

Hagalaz "haw-gaw-laws"

Hail, hailstone, disruption, destruction, seed form, moving ice, enduring and overcoming temporary hardships, the transformation and evolution cause by destruction. "h"

Hail is the whitest of grains --- it comes from high in heaven --- showers of wind hurl it --- and then it turns to water

Naudhiz Rune

Naudhiz "now-these"

Need, necessity, distress, necessity is the mother of invention, resistance, actions or desires and beliefs may be incongruous, self created fire, Nornir, the Norns, friction creates fire. "n"

Need is constricting on the chest --- although to the children of men it often becomes --- a help and salvation nevertheless --- if they heed it in time

Isa Rune

Isa "ee-saw"

Ice, contraction, stillness, suspension, introspection, restraint, slowed growth (can be beneficial), overcoming stagnation or hardships, stop and think. "i, ee as in least"

Ice is very cold --- and exceedingly slippery --- it glistens clear as glass --- very much like gems --- a floor made of frost --- is fair to see

Jera Rune

Jera "yare-awe"

Harvest, year, season, cycles, the flow of life-death-rebirth, fruition, completion, reaping what you sow. "j, y as in year"

Harvest is the hope of men --- when god lets --- holy king of heaven --- the earth gives --- her bright fruits --- to the noble ones and the needy

Eihwaz Rune

Eihwaz "eye-wawz"

Yew tree, axis of worlds, endings and beginnings, new opportunities, passages, between the worlds, protection, Yggdrasil. "æ"

Yew is on the outside --- a rough tree --- and hard, firm in the earth --- keeper of the fire --- supported by roots --- (it is a) joy on the estate

Pertho Rune

Perthro "pear-throw"

Dice cup, vulva, birth, problem solving, evolutionary force, "you buys your ticket-you takes your ride", luck of the draw, playing your cards, using what the fate gives you. "p"

use in regression work; can put you in touch with the Norns

(Lot box) is always --- play and laughter --- among bold men --- where the warriors sit --- in the beer hall --- happily together

Elhaz Rune

Elhaz "ale-hawz" or "all-geese"

Elk, protection, defense, support, luck, shielding, sanctuary, our connection with deity (ies). "zz"

Elk's sedge (kenning for sword) has its home --- most often in the fen --- it waxes in the water --- and grimly wounds --- and reddens (burns) with blood --- any man (bairn) --- who, in any way --- tries to grasp it

Sowilo Rune

Sowilo "soe-wee-low"

Sun, will, strength, victory, success, vitality, healing, solar energy and movement, directing power, clarity "s"

Sun is by sea men --- always hoped for --- when they fare far away --- over the fishes' bath (sea) --- until the brine stallion (ship) --- they bring to land

Tiwaz Rune

Tiwaz "tea-wawz"

Creator, justice, success, responsibility, will, guided to success-truth-victory-justice-a good path, law and order, Tyr, "t"

Tir is a star (token) --- it keeps troth (faith) well --- with athlings (noble men) --- always on its course --- over the mists of night --- it never fails

Berkano Rune

Berkano "bear-kawn-oh"

Birch tree, birch twig, life-death-rebirth, regeneration, growth, mother, female fertility, new beginnings, birth and rebirth, fertility, intuition, Earth Mother, feminine wisdom. "b"

Birch is without fruit --- just the same it bears --- limbs without fertile seed (shoots without seed) --- it has beautiful branches --- high on its crown --- it is finely covered --- loaded with leaves --- touching the sky

Ehwaz Rune

Ehwaz "ay-wawz" or "ay-woh"

Horse, stallion, connections between people, movement, connecting with another force to move toward a goal. "e"

Horse is in front of the earls (warriors) --- the joy of athlings (noble man) --- a charger proud on its hooves --- when concerning it, heroes --- walthy men on warhorses --- exchange speech --- and it is always a comfort --- to the restless (or "and it is to the restless --- always a comfort")

Mannaz Rune

Mannaz "mawn-nawz"

Man (human), exams, disputes, challenges, arguments, gaining the upper hand, communication, understanding potential to achieve potential. "m"

Man is in his mirth --- dear to his kinsmen --- although each shall --- depart from the other --- for the lord wants to commit --- by his decree --- that frail flesh --- to the earth

Laguz Rune

Laguz "law-gooze"

Water, lake, flowing, emotions, intuition, psychic powers, revealing what is hidden (like beneath the water), even a river eventually defeats a mountain, the ebb and flow of all things. "L"

Water is to people --- seemingly unending --- if they should venture out --- on an unsteady ship --- and the sea waves --- frighten them very much --- and the brine stallion (ship) --- does not heed (mind) its bridle

Ingwaz Rune

Ingwaz "eeeng-wawz"

Fertility, Frey, potential energy, intersecting potentials, how one thing ends affects how the next begins, opportunity, action and reaction. "ng as in strong"

Ing was first --- among the East-Danes --- seen by men --- until he again eastward (back) --- went over the wave --- the wain followed on --- this is what the warriors --- called the hero

Dagaz Rune

Dagaz "thaw-gauze"

Day, a new day, new beginning, satisfactory or successful conclusion, positive end, final release, perceived opposites are one, two sides of the same coin, "d" or a hard "th"

Day is the lord's messenger --- dear to men --- the ruler's famous light --- (it is) mirth and hope --- to rich and poor --- (and) is useful to all

Othala Rune

Othala "oath-awe-law"

Home, sacred ancestral land, inherited land, inheritance, ancestral power, true wealth and treasures (wisdom, kin and friendships rather than money or gold). "o as in hold"

Estate is very dear --- to every man --- if he can enjoy what is right --- and according to custom --- in his dwelling --- most often in prosperity

References & Resources

  • 1. This Elder Futhark (or Futhorc) is sometimes referred to as the Germanic Runes
  • 2. Humfrey Wanley transcribed this poem from "The Old English Rune Poem" and it appears here as it was first printed in the Thesaurus of George Hickes in 1705. The poem he transcribed was from the the late tenth century text however, the original version of the poem may date as early as the late eight or ninth century. The manuscript of the poem was held at the Cottonian library but was destroyed by a fire in 1731.
  • 3. Audhumla, cosmic bovine, or a now extinct wild ox
  • This concise guide was compiled from Friday's personal insights and diligent study and reference to the following sources. This is an excellent recommended reading list for Heathens and serious students of Asatru and runelore:
    • Runelore: A Handbook of Esoteric Runology by Edred Thorsson
    • Games of the Gods by Nigel Pennick
    • Futharkh a Handbook of Rune Magic by Edred Thorsson
    • The Secret of the Runes by Guido von List
    • A Beginner's Guide to Runes By Kristyna Arcarti
    • At the Well of Wyrd by Edred Thorsson
    • A? by Freya Aswynn
    • Rune-Song: A Practical Guide to Rune-Galdor by Edred Thorsson 1993
    • The Elements of Runes by Bernard King
  • The following sources were used as a reference for this article, and do contain some very well researched material. However these are not recommended reading necessarily. For most individuals I recommend Edred Thorsson and Frey Aswynn as listed above. The following resources are often (but not always!) flavored with slants in quite a different direction than most people are interested in when studying the runes, Asatru and Heathenism (for example these sources may occasionally include information regarding Thelema, white supremacy, etc.).
    • A few essays and other works by Stephen E. Flowers
    • Breathing The Runes: A publication of the Gambanreiði Statement - a diverse Pagan journal for the rediscovery and preservation of White identity and culture.

Traditional symbolism of the Rider Waite Pamela Colman Smith classicYour free online tarot reading, and much of the The Online Tarot Class in the Academy is illustrated with the PPe-Tarot.

The PPe-Tarot was developed November 22, 2014 for PaganPath's 17 year anniversary.  This is a 78 card set of tarot cards following the Rider-Waite/Colman-Smith style to assist you in learning the classic symbolism.

The deck was developed by Friday from the Colman-Smith set created by Samvado Gunnar Kossatz ("Sam") of Hamburg, Germany under the General Public License.

Sam had originally hand-drawn pencil images of the Rider Waite cards and scanned them, colored them in and added texture.  This was quite an undertaking when he did the work back in the late 1990's when graphic software was less sophisticated and almost prohibitively expensive.

Friday created this digital deck specifically for quick loading for the online tarot reading programs and the Academy Tarot classes here on PaganPath, while still retaining the traditional symbolism.  From Sam's original set, the hue of each card was made a bit warmer, taking out some of the turquoise and bright blue of the originals.

The saturation of each card was also slightly subdued for better online viewing (especially mobile devices) and titles and borders were made easier to read while standing out less.  Emphasis on some symbols has been added (such as the white dog in the fool card) and other symbols were removed (the cross on the High Priestess).

Variations can be found across the entire set, and if you click on the picture above you can view a "before and after" comparison of a few of the cards.  Note the extra "lunar" feel of the moon card after adaptation.

The PPe-Tarot is the result.  Simple. Clear symbolism.  Very fast loading on all devices.  No bells or whistles here, just the traditional and classic symbols that are quick and easy to see and interpret.

Closeup of a circa 1960s Ouija Board from the PaganPath CollectionThere are some common problems associated with using the Ouija board to contact spirits or to develop your psychic skills. This article gives you five tips to using your Ouija board or other talking board without causing harm to yourself or others.

The Ouija is only as dangerous as you and/or your friends make it. Let me explain through the following true-life example:  I had recently returned to my mid-western hometown after having lived in New York.  An old friend called and asked if I could come up to her dorm room because she and a group of friends had been using the Ouija board and were now terrified because it was saying that they'd contacted a spirit named "Mike" who had committed suicide, and that one of the people in the group was going to die in a car accident. They were also asking about love and other popular questions.

When I got to the dorm room, they were still using the Ouija board even though they were afraid! They continued to work themselves up into a frenzy of terror that kept feeding on itself (much like the Witch craze of old times when people were so afraid of Witches, it was all they could think about and they would get so paranoid that EVERYTHING and EVERYONE might have something to do with Witchcraft). They would gasp every time the planchette would move and (surprise) it would always reveal something really terrible that would make them more frightened.

A dark cloud was psychically visible above the group, so I sat down and asked them why they kept doing it.  They couldn't explain.  They all said that they had to know what it would say.  I tried to cleanse the area discretely and it didn't seem to be working but then suddenly the plachette flew off the board and hit a girl that was asking questions in the forehead.  I don't know if it was the cleansing that caused this by angering "Mike" or if it was one of the people in the group, or what! They ran around screaming and then turned on the lights and threw the board across the room like it was a cockroach. One of the girls continued to use it alone for the next three weeks until she became very depressed and had to go home for a semester. Now, certainly not every example of using the Ouija is this intense, in fact, this is the worst scenario I've ever been witness to with the Ouija. However, we can learn from the situation. What went wrong?

Another Ouija Board from the PaganPath ColectionTip 1:  Primarily, they began with the wrong intentions. They wanted to contact spirits who would give them all the answers. Now, why would a spirit KNOW all the answers in the first place? And how does anyone know if they can trust the spirit? The Ouija can be a useful tool for mediumship (spirit contact) but can also be a tool to tap into the subconscious minds of the users. It is believed that we know more than we realize and often the answers are inside of us. In this way, it can be used to develop your own psychic powers without having to dig up some spirit of a questionable nature. Whether the situation above was spirit contact, tomfoolery, or ESP we cannot judge, however the Ouija is what each person or group makes it. This situation reflects the minds of that group at the time.

Like does attract like, so if you are trying to contact a spirit, try to rid yourself of fear and apprehension. Relax and breathe deeply. It is wonderful and entertaining to be excited, but try not to be afraid. If you are attempting to connect with your subconscious, again breathe deeply, and know yourself well. In other words, if you easily become obsessed with things (gambling, 900 #s, drugs, food, television, computers, internet, etc.) be sure to keep yourself in check with the Ouija as well. Obviously eight hours of Ouija or talking board sessions every day for a month is over doing it! One last quick note about developing psychic powers with the Ouija, if you are hiding truths from yourself that you aren't prepared to deal with, you may have problems. (examples may be: if you are homosexual, if you are self-hating, if you are in a relationship that you secretly wish would end but are afraid of being alone, etc.)

From the PaganPath Ouija Board CollectionIf you begin your Ouija session with the intention of just seeing what will happen, but without letting superstitious fears scare you, you're well on your way to a fun, entertaining, and informative experience.

Tip 2:  Second, when they contacted a spirit, they believed everything it told them. If you contact a spirit, ask who it is, where they are from, how they died, or any other questions. The "Mike" that the group had evoked never lived where he said he did and was obviously lying. Who knows if it was really ever a person, who can say whether or not it was the mind of one of the group, or a 'demon' or just a practical joke? After you have all the information, go to the library and check on it! If someone in the group knew the spirit in life, ask questions that the person in the group would not know, something you can verify from living relatives, or from information available from the library, city records, the internet, etc. Then, if it all checks out, go back and contact them again, or go over the notes of what the spirit said. If it doesn't check out, the energy may be a trickster type, or may be confused. It would be silly to assume that other worlds work on the same linear theories that ours does.

Part of the PaganPath CollectionTip 3:  Third, don't ask stupid questions. If you ask when you will die and the spirit says 'in 2 years in a crashed airplane' then you will be afraid. Some spirits (or energies, or demons, or thought forms, or whatever they are) feed on fear and will tell you anything to evoke that fear in you. Through this fear they gain control and power. So basically, they are feeding on YOUR energy. This type of psychic vampirism will draw even more 'hungry' energy forms to you, and the cycle goes on and on. And besides, your fate is not etched in stone. If what the spirit says is true, don't get on a plane 2 years from now and you will prevent it. If you ask the Ouija if ______ loves you, you don't need to contact a spirit to tell you, your inner self knows the truth and can answer through the Ouija or another form of divination.

Tip 4:  Fourth, If things get negative, put the board away, it is natural to be excited and a bit freaked out, but terror should never be a part of the work because it will draw energies that feed on that.

From the PaganPath CollectionTip 5:  Fifth, avoid using the Ouija alone, especially if you are new at it. If you've contacted a spirit with the board, it will be easier for that spirit to reappear whenever you use it. Why spend time with a spirit that may or may not be legitimate, may or may not be friendly, may or may not be who it says it is. If you are using it for psychic development, have another person there to write down the results and keep you in check so if something other than your inner psyche appears, you've got a friend there to help you. There are also other forms of divination that are not generally associated with spirits that may be more suitable for psychic development such as scrying, tarot, runes, etc.

So, it can be fun, exciting, and informative, or it can be dangerous, negative, and drive you insane. It is what you make it, you hold the responsibility (and your friends) so use your common sense and your sixth sense and HAVE FUN!

References & Resources

If this still isn't enough information for you, check out the book entitled Ouija, The Most Dangerous Game by Stoker Hunt for more a more in depth explanation of using the Ouija.

A deck of Zener cards is a great way to develop your psychic skills.Zener cards provide you with an easy way to develop and test your psychic skills.  Here you can print your own deck of Zener cards to help you stretch your third eye.  Instructions for testing your psychic skills along with a score chart are below.

But, you might ask, what are they?  Zener cards were developed through a collaboration of Dr. Karl Zener (at Duke University) and J.B. Rhine (Harvard biologist) in the late 1920s, and have been used in parapsychology experiments.

In the year 2000, a movie entitled The Gift  featured a psychic reader using these cards with her clients, however this is a Hollywood thing, and not a common occurrence in real life.  Although it is possible to use anything to do psychic readings, Zener cards are better suited to developing, testing and experimenting with psychic skills.  They are more like exercise equipment than a tool for readings.

There are five different symbols in a Zener Card Deck, and five cards of each symbol for a total of 25 cards per deck exactly as you see below.  The cards on this page have been created for PaganPath Members such as yourself, for you to print and use.  It is recommended that you use a heavy card stock of white (traditional), cream or yellow.  Use your "print preview" option to see if everything looks the way you wish before you print.

Traditionally, two people use a deck of Zener cards.  One person shuffles the deck (the sender) and focuses on each card for a few moments.  The second person (the receiver) says which symbol they sense the sender is viewing.  Usually the receiver is visually separated from the sender, perhaps in another room or building.  I have found that it works well to sit on the floor on opposite sides of a closed door.

When two people use a Zener deck, it is an exercise in telepathy and clairvoyance.  Telepathy, otherwise known as "mind reading" literally translates to "distance feeling" or picking up on the thoughts of others.  Clairvoyance means "clear seeing" and indicates the receiving of visual images.  You may find that you are a good "sender" and your friend is a good "receiver" or vice versa.  You may also discover that you "feel" the points of the star rather than "see" them - or the smoothness of the circle is felt.  You may be telepathic, but not necessarily clairvoyant.  Knowing your strengths will help you customize any magical or energy workings you might wish to do.

If you are using a Zener deck alone, you are most likely exercising your precognitive skills.  If there is no "sender" then you are technically "predicting" which card will appear next.  This might also be considered remote viewing because the order of the cards is set when you shuffle, and isn't necessarily in the future.  Regardless of what term you use, Zener cards can be a useful tool for testing and exercising psychic skills.

The Printable Zener Card Deck

You can print this entire page with the sample scoring sheet at the bottom, or click here to print just the 53kb image of the entire Zener Deck.  Once you print them out, just carefully cut out each card.

Star Zener Card Circle Zener Card Plus Sign or Cross Zener Card Wavy Zener Card Square Zener Card
Star Zener Card Circle Zener Card Plus Sign or Cross Zener Card Wavy Zener Card Square Zener Card
Star Zener Card Circle Zener Card Plus Sign or Cross Zener Card Wavy Zener Card Square Zener Card
Star Zener Card Circle Zener Card Plus Sign or Cross Zener Card Wavy Zener Card Square Zener Card
Star Zener Card Circle Zener Card Plus Sign or Cross Zener Card Wavy Zener Card Square Zener Card


  • Print the deck as instructed in the introduction, then cut out each card.
  • Sit in a quiet room out of direct view of your partner.
  • Have the sender shuffle the 25 card deck well.  The sender then places the deck face down in front of him/her.
  • The sender selects a card off the top of the deck and focuses on it for about a minute.
  • The receiver calls out the name of the symbol they believe it to be (your first impulse is usually the most accurate, don't "over think").
  • The sender records the actual card on a chart, and the 'guess' of the receiver on a chart.  A sample record keeping chart is provided for you below.  The next card is then selected, focused on by the sender, guessed by the receiver and recorded and so on.  It can be helpful to have a third person (a recorder) doing all recording instead of the sender doing the recording if you have three people.  The sender should not speak, only the receiver, you don't want to inadvertently give clues in your vocal fluctuations, etc.
  • When all 25 cards have been viewed and guessed, the score is calculated.  A 20% score is average (5 correct) and would be the score attributable to chance (1 in 5 random chance).  Anything above a 20% (more than 5 correct) may show potential psychic skills.  Anything below 20% (less than 5 correct) may also show potential psychic skills.  Some people may guess the incorrect answer more often than is attributable to chance.  This "Reverse Psychicism" is an unusual phenomena that should be identified and controlled whenever it is detected to improve your psychic and magical workings.
  • Keep practicing and try the experiment with other people.  You might find that you work better with different people and you may find that you work better at different times of the day.  Finding your peak times is also helpful for timing your other magical and ritual workings.  If you are alone, make sure that all your cards look identical on the backs and act as your own recorder.
  • To make these experiments the most accurate, we recommend that you calculate an overall score after doing many tests, say 100 or more.  This overall score is more objective, but does not necessarily make a high score less valid.  Make notes of the time, date, weather conditions, experimenters' names, or anything else so that when you do have a high score, you can find out what helped it to become so.

Record Keeping

Time: Date Moon Phase, Weather, Locations, Etc.
Receiver's Name: Sender's Name: Recorder's Name:
# Actual Card Guess
1. . .
2. . .
3. . .
4. . .
5. . .
6. . .
7. . .
8. . .
9. . .
10. . .
11. . .
12. . .
13. . .
14. . .
15. . .
16. . .
17. . .
18. . .
19. . .
20. . .
21. . .
22. . .
23. . .
24. . .
25. .. .
0-4 correct = "Reverse Psychicism" Above Average | 0-5 correct = Normal | 6 or more correct = Above Average
Actual Number Correctly Guessed:


From the author, Friday's collection - board circa 1920Stories about the Ouija can be fascinating, fun and even a bit spooky.  Here are two experiences from PaganPath Members.

Whenever you are considering spirit contact, it's a good idea to assess your strength of mind.  Be honest with yourself; have you faced your fears?  Been hiding something from yourself or others?

Do any chemical imbalances occur in your family's genetics?  Spirit contact, like many hallucinogenic compounds, alters your perception.  Altered perceptions can give you a great deal of information, but sometimes too much, especially if you aren't ready to accept it or if you aren't able to determine its validity.  Please note that these letters have been only minimally edited for clarity.

Our first story is a worst case scenario from Selene:

I am writing concerning the information on the ouija and to thank Friday for such an excellent site ( On the 1995 Christmas holidays, I did my first seance as a friend who I admired told me about it and I convinced her to show me how to do it. The first time I tried it I was amazed at the coin moving and the 'spirits' saying happy birthday to me even though they were not told or given any idea. I liked the excitement the ouija offered and after we finished I wanted to do another, followed by another and another. At this stage my parents thought it was funny, my friends thought it was fun, but I was becoming obsessed , I could feel it.

Over the weeks I talked on the board and one night I had a seance party with friends, I was never the same after this night! A spirit named 'JOHN GACY" claimed to be talking to me (he is a serial killer) and told me he was going to kill me blah blah blah, This freaked me out as I had watched the movie of him the week before and no one had known it scared me and no one had known who he was. I had an emotional breakdown kind of and had to 'fight' John gacy to survive. With the help of Chris??? (the one that John Gacy killed) I overcame this struggle, but was faced with another.

My 'guardian angel' Eve started talking to me which previously she had not done as she hadn't wanted me to use the ouija. At first I liked talking to her but then she talked in my head and this went on for 8 months, after the first month I thought she was annoying, and everyone started to notice changes in me. I was going crazy and I didn't even realize. I was losing friends and family as I was pushing them away. I didn't care though and I wouldn't tell them what was happening. I didn't like Eve after a while as she spoke in my head all day every day I couldn't even say a prayer (I am not catholic now and I thank this experience for finding my path now) and I used to laugh and cry for no reason so it seemed. My friends were worried but I kept pushing them away. Eventually I realized I was a little (though I was a lot) crazy and told my mum, but then I got a bit better at acting, and everyone thought I was normal again but I was still hearing Eve all the time. It was something I could live with now but I didn't want to so I told my mum again and I said I thought I was schizophrenic but she wouldn't believe it. I made her talk to a lady at work and I went to this shrink guy. After 3 sessions the voices went and haven't came back.

I don't know whether it was a scientific thing like it seemed or spiritual but either way it is over and i am thankful. I used to hear people say be careful of seances and I was like 'yeah right, they aren't dangerous' but they can be so just be careful and u can still have fun. I wrote a poem as I was getting over my episode:

Spiritual Schizophrenia By Selene
Pain, hatred, love and lust
Emotional whirlpools that I just can't trust
Not knowing what is real
Not knowing what to feel
I had a mixed up mind
I felt I was one of a kind
I was labelled 'weird' and 'crazy'
My life in these months seemed always hazy
I had a voice that was not my own
In my head it had grown
I thought this was a spirit of the dead
But this was just some of the bullshit that i had been fed
This stage of my life is now gone
And I now feel reborn
With the help of family and friends
My old voice each day mends
BLESSED BE From Selene

The pointer on a Ouija board is known as a planchette, from the French for Little Table

A great story from Ms. X:

Our second story is a great example.  It is tempting to show skeptics the quick and powerful stuff out there to open up their minds, but unfortunately, this technique usually only closes them up more tightly.

I would like to share with you a personal experience of what happened to me years ago while using a Ouija board.  Actually I've had MANY weird experiences with it, but I'll start with one. . .

This was maybe 5 years ago, when I was 14 years old in Italy. I was over a girl's house and was kinda bored, so I decided to construct my own Ouija board.  For the board I stuck 2 pieces of paper together and wrote all the letters of the alphabet and the numbers (0-9).  As a sort of guide/icon, I used a large coin (equal to the Canadian $1 coin).

Now I had a feeling this would work, and I wanted to prove it to myself that a home-made board would work just a good or even better than the one made by Warner Brothers. (meant Parker Brothers?)  A few years back, a friend and I cracked my (real) Ouija board by mistake and we saw that there is no magnet or whatever other device people thought there was inside the board.

So I lay the home-made board on the kitchen table and began to fool around with it.  I seemed to have been getting various entities, and most were so weak in power that the icon was barely able to move across the board.  And when I called the girl so we could do it in 2, the power was even weaker.  In my experience, the entities are always more powerful when I'm alone (maybe because of fear), but I was pretty cool about it since I've been using it for many years before that day.

Next, I did a very foolish thing.  I mentally invited an "evil" spirit...My words were something like "I summon the most powerful demon from the abyss to this world."  The reason for this...because I wanted to get some action going and wanted to show-off basically.  So right after I said that I could feel lot's of power in the room. Then the icon started doing "Figure-8's" on the board really really fast. So obviously the girl got freaked out because she thought I was moving it.  So then I mentally asked it questions and it was replying in a snap...extremely quickly and no spelling mistakes like most spirits do. And so the girl was standing in front of me and talking to me at the same time and the wacky thing was this entity was taking part in our conversation.  He would sort of say (through the board of course) the answers before we would, or say things that were completely relevant to the conversation. Another thing that amazed me, was the fact that this entity sort of spoke "modern" English...and not in rhymes or lyrics as most tend to do, not making much sense. But this entity was using sort of "American slang" I guess we could say.

When I went home that night, I had the worst night's sleep in my life.  Maybe it was just because I was scared, but I usually don't scare that easily.  I'm the type who likes to stay up at 1:00am watching a horror movie alone with all the lights closed.  Within the following weeks, when I was home alone, I heard windows clattering loudly, doors slamming... It was like a real haunted house :) ... Was a great experience for a while, then it sort of got weaker gradually over time.

So that's basically what happened that night, and I know that entity did not leave when he said "bye".  And I was sort of stuck with it for a while, until I finally learned about Paganism and Witchcraft, and found someone (actually that person came up to me) to get rid of it.

The Hanson-Roberts and Whimsical Tarot Decks are good for telling tall tales and for readings.Every tarot card is filled with symbols and images from throughout history and from many cultures.  They speak to our subconscious, creativity, imagination and intuition.  Several of the major arcana cards are very closely aligned with Jungian Archetypes.

When I first began teaching this technique, there were just a handful of writers who were utilizing the tarot cards in their stories, either as a part of the actual story (Stephen King's Dark Tower series) or to fuel the story's hero into adventures and intrigue like Wendy of Oz (The Fool) following the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City.

Not all examples are as obvious as Wendy being the Fool in the Wizard of Oz, surely Toto is a dead give away!  The Tarot can help you develop any type of story as you follow the Hero's Adventure (or the Fool's Journey) through the major and minor arcana.

This is not just a tool for writing stories, it is a fantastic way to make up bedtime stories for children, or to help you develop your Tarot skills by developing your own card interpretations.  This is also a wonderful way to prepare to do tarot readings, allowing you to enter an intuitive and open state of consciousness.

Tell a Tall Tarot Tale:

  • Shuffle your Tarot cards.  Although it is not necessary for this exercise, you might wish to use a playful deck specifically set aside for non-divination purposes.  The Hanson Roberts Tarot Deck and the Whimsical Tarot Deck are both excellent choices for story telling and for divination.  I prefer to use the "fish pond" method of mixing the cards to get into a playful and less linear frame of mind.  The "fish pond" method is the way most children shuffle cards; just put the cards face down and swirl them all together.
  • Quickly draw a card or two and begin your story.

An Example:

You draw the Fool and begin the story with a man who went out for a walk.  Next you draw the Chariot and the 7 of Pentacles so your character meets a man who gives rides to tourist in his horse drawn carriage (Chariot).  Off in the distance of the city park, you see a maintenance person working on the shrubbery (7 Pentacles).

Now you draw the Devil and the Queen of Pentacles and the story continues as their maintenance person's beautiful seductress of a boss walks up to him.

Drawing the Tower, the Page of Wands/Rods, and the 6 of Swords to find out the maintenance man is fired (Tower), and he considers moving back to his family (6 Swords) which his daughter in law suggested on the telephone that morning (Page of Rods).

The Two of Wands introduces him to the Fool, our main character and their paths go on from there. The story will naturally come to an end, reshuffle if necessary.  Keep practicing and just let go.  Your story doesn't need to make perfect sense the first time around, you are getting a feel for the state of mind, the cards and your imagination.

This isn't the most creative example because I'm here at the computer with my left brain hemisphere doing most of the work, but you can imagine the possibilities.  Not only is this exercise entertaining, but it familiarizes you with the cards.  It can help to make those intimidating cards like the Tower, Devil, and Death, into interesting twists in the plot, just as they are in life.  This exercise will also help you to develop your own card interpretations, the ultimate goal in reading the cards.

References & Resources:

Painting by WaterhouseSo you are psychic, Pagan or simply a sensitive person; and you need a second opinion or someone to shed some light and objective perspective on a situation.  Who reads for a reader?  How does a psychic find a psychic?

It is very difficult to get an accurate reading from someone if you have experience in any type of energy work.  This includes meditation, healing, psychic skill or magick.  Most likely it is either because you are going to people who lack true psychic senses, or because you are blocking the psychics from reading you.

People that are particularly psychic or magickal can often block a reader.  If you have this increased sensitivity, you have most likely developed barriers to protect yourself from negativity such as day to day exposure to nasty people, or even loved ones who are overly stressed.

You may have developed shields because of upsetting dreams if they are, how do i say, anxiety and suspense riddled frighteners, and are often prophetic.  When this happens, you may want to get some perspective from a reader, but your mind will naturally protect itself due to the nightly onslaught. That shield in particular is often hard for psychics to get through!  Perhaps this is because dreams are somewhat similar to the state that many psychics utilize for their readings.

The psychics you are going to should be able to identify these blocks and tell you about them.  They may even work with you to understand and control them.  This self-empowerment type of work should be a psychic's primary concern, particularly when working with other sensitive individuals.  By gaining control of your shields, you can raise and lower them as the situations you are exposed to require.  For example, this will make it easier for you to be in intimate relationships openly, and still survive a negative work atmosphere.  If the psychics you've spoken with are not picking this up, and are trying to insist that they are right, then they might not be able to help you at this time.  Move on from them and look for someone who can.

Not every psychic will be able to read you, even if their skills are genuine.  Finding a compatible reader can take some time and experimentation.  Even after finding a psychic who could work with you, they may have 'off' days.  Because of the potential presence of your own psychic skills (you are already sensitive or working with energy or meditation) I would suggest reading for yourself periodically.  One reading a week is enough to gain perspective without becoming overly obsessed.  By doing inner work you will gain control of your skills and refine them while you search for a compatible reader.

References & Resources:

A common sight in larger cities.Have you been wondering about psychics?  The tips in this article will show you how find a psychic that fits your needs, and how to get a truly insightful reading while helping you avoid hoaxes, charlatans, traps, scams and other cons.

A good psychic reading can help you to tend your life as you would a garden, and aid you in growing along with it.  Maintaining balance on all levels of existence is an important goal that a personal psychic can help you achieve.  A reader can illuminate your possibilities, choices and options as you approach the many intersections of life.

You will also find a wide range of hoaxes, carefully designed to separate you from your cash.  Everything from "your money is cursed and needs to be blessed" to "I need to hold onto your grandmother's wedding ring to fix your troubles".  Read on to learn how to avoid these charlatans.

Psychic readings are one of the few areas where inflation has not affected price over the past 20 years, and in fact most psychics in 2013 make less than those same readers did in 1993 due to the influx of psychics on the internet, the easy availability of information for doing readings for yourself and the availability of tools such as tarot cards, the crash of 900 lines, and the poor reputation of the industry caused by a few bad seeds. The following are a few tips to consider as you select a psychic who will meet your needs:

Selecting a Psychic:

  • Above all, chose a person with whom you are comfortable. Being nervous is normal, but you should not feel intimidated.
  • No matter how well known, or how highly recommended, not every psychic will blend with you and be able to give you useful information.
  • A high-priced psychic is not always better. Some of the best second opinions I've received are from psychics who are new to the business, still used their guidebooks and charged very little, or who work for a 900 line. Psychics don't standardize their fees. However, a general guideline is $15 to $250 for a thirty minute reading. This fee reflects payment for the psychic's time, years of practice and training, transportation, books, and their tools of the trade. This can be compared to your physician's or attorney's fees which also reflect payment for their expertise. 
  • A good reader should be open-minded. If you feel the psychic is placing moral judgments on your activities or lifestyle choices, walk away! Only you can determine your ethics, not a psychic.
  • Choose a method of reading that will best answer your questions. Though every psychic will present a different reading, certain types of readings may answer your questions more specifically. You may have to do some experimentation or research into the different methods. Some of your choices may include Channelors; Card, I Ching or Rune readers; Palm readers; Psychic healers; Numerologists; or Astrologers. (However, some Astrologers and Numerologists regard themselves more as scientists than psychics.) A reader who is Clairvoyant (meaning clear vision) will generally get visual images, so questions pertaining to lost objects or physical descriptions of people entering your life are well suited to this method. However, many psychics who are labeled "clairvoyant", simply use the term to indicate that they have psychic abilities or a sixth sense.

Utilizing your Psychic:

  • Try a general reading first to see what the reader can pick up. As a reader, this is often like looking at a child's book that is all illustration and no words, so it is the most difficult part of a reading, but a wonderful challenge.
  • After a general reading, if you are still comfortable, ask specific questions. This adds words to that child's book and will get you considerably more specific answers.
  • Unlike most services, a psychic reading is a process. The actual consultation with your reader is only the beginning. When you go home, look over your notes or listen to the tape (if provided). Some things that seems irrelevant or inaccurate may take on new meaning. Refer to your notes occasionally to see if anything becomes relevant as time passes, and to verify the accuracy of any predictions made. In the later case, hopefully if they pointed out something negative, the psychic gave you possible solutions so you could eliminate or lessen the problem.
  • Write down your psychic's name and phone number so you can contact them again!!! I've heard too many sad stories about clients feeling that the psychic was wrong, ripping up their number and putting them out of their minds, only to find that later on, the psychic was completely accurate, except now they can never contact the same one again. (But I hear this story when they do find me! "blush") I usually attach the reader's name and number to the reading notes or tape, and affix it to the calendar so that I can check off things as they occur, and remember the bits of wisdom the reader provided from day to day. When the reading's reach of time has elapsed, I put it with my permanent records such as birth certificates. The reason for this is that I do my own readings most of the time, or have friends who do them, but there are times when I need an opinion from someone who knows nothing of my life and can be totally objective. These "crisis" times, fortunately, are infrequent, and it is easy to misplace a name and number that has been unused for a long time.
  • Have fun! A reading should be exciting, entertaining, and reflective. As your psychic helps you to pull up from the maze of your life, you can see an overview, and discover what direction you wish to take next, and what mistakes have been made before. Through this perspective, you can find humor in life, and enjoy the adventure of living.

Sometimes a psychic has more trappings than skills.Traps, Scams and Charlatans:

Don't take skepticism too far. These examples are rare, so be cautious and alert, but not overly defensive or guarded. You have to let your internal guards down to be read at all, but if anything like the following, true life situations listed below occur, be alert! Remember that you can always walk away and never return. These are stories I've collected from friends and clients over the years. These are the charlatans out there that prevent sincere and honest psychics from receiving the respect and occasionally, the business licenses they deserve! Try not be embarrassed if you are conned, and don't look down on those who have been. These charlatans are very good at what they do!

  • The "psychic" tells you that you have a curse/ negative energy/ a black aura and offers to remove the problem (for an extra fee of course, sometimes as high as $2500, or several payments of $70 to $500 each!) Reuniting love relationships is also a favorite for these con artists. They often use their practiced and superior knowledge of human nature to prey on your weakest areas. A sincere reader will explain to you how you can go about reversing a problem or negativity.  Self-empowerment is the whole point of a reading, not (as Starhawk would say) power-over. ....just got another one, the reader demanded $200 and a photo of a lost love to get the couple back together!
  • The "psychic" tells you that an object you own (usually something expensive) is cursed or has negative energy that is preventing you from being happy, finding love, getting pregnant (hey, unnatural birth control!) having riches, etc. etc. They may offer to cleanse/ burn/ bury the object with an elaborate ritual. Of course they will have to do that later and without you, and will have to take it away (to the local pawn shop of cleansing!).
  • The "psychic" implies that you should not talk about the reading with your friends, as it will be "bad luck" or it will "jinx" you. This is usually for one of two reasons: either you will find out that you received the same reading as your friends, or the "psychic" fears that your friends will tell you that the reading was a scam. There are a few exceptions to this, such as when the reading was about your friends.
  • This one is tricky, as it can reveal either a very rare psychic talent, or a very practiced crook. The "psychic" practices "name dropping" by saying that they see someone with the letter T, M, J, etc. and as you say "Mike" so does the psychic. This makes it seem that they realized it just as you said it. However, these are among the most commonly used initials in the United States, and pulling a name out of thin air is a very rare psychic talent, so be alert if it happens, and check your feelings to see if you have been truly comfortable with the reader. Do you want to pay for the talents of your reader as a psychic, or as a predator?
  • You leave the reading feeling as if the "psychic" has some power or control over you, or may even "curse" you if you don't do as they have instructed or if you don't return within the time the reader specified. Did they do anything to make you feel this way? Reassess your feelings about the reader again.

Here's some more true life stories:

Friday, July 25, 1997: From a letter submitted to PaganPath:

        Hi! I've been reading through your website and I wanted to share with you a scam that I got caught up in.

A friend and I went to a psychic in New York City and she told me that I had a curse on me and that she could remove it.  She told that someone had placed a voodoo curse on my natural mother (I'm adopted) to keep her and my natural father apart and the curse was transferred to me because I was in her womb at the time.  She said this was why I was having trouble forming relationships.  At the time, I was very vulnerable and insecure so I believed every word.  I ended up giving her $500 initially but ended up spending almost $700 because she kept telling me that it wasn't working and she had to try something else.  I stopped calling her after she told me I had to buy 7 ounces each of gold, silver and copper.  It took me a good year to stop believing that I was cursed.  That year was really hard and I think by her telling me I was cursed I had "cursed" myself.

This woman is still in operation - she's still on 25th Street near 3rd Avenue so all New Yorkers should beware of her. (Remember this was in 1997) I'm still embarassed about the incident but it has taught me to be very careful.

September 7, 1996:  From Friday (Tarot instructor and reader on PaganPath)

"Psychic" who was in Missouri moved to Detroit said that this girl's boyfriend had a different soul reincarnated into him recently that was now keeping him from her.  He is with another girl.  The "psychic" did all readings for free, (don't know about fees for doing magickal workings though).  She then allegedly kept others from this girl magically, without the girls permission because, "they were meant to be together".  But the "psychic" also told her that she didn't get out enough, and because of the spirit inside him to forget it and move on.

My assessment of the situation was that she was lonely, needed to find strength within herself and be able to stand alone and be okay with that, and to find out if she could be with the boy without expecting him to change, and not expect him to commit right now (Knight of Cups) but just enjoy their time together.  The other girlfriend said that she is fine with him continuing their relationship.  I told her it was unethical for this psychic to be doing any workings without her permission, and because the girl felt controlled by the psychic, I told her that if she wasn't paying $ and there was no exchange of energy or favors, that perhaps what the psychic was getting out of it was being able to control another person (perhaps because of a lack of control in her own life?).

This girl also contracted a STD (sexually transmitted disease) from the boy, who thought it was from her.  The other woman ended up being the original infection transmitter and kept quiet through all this, then said she didn't tell the girl about the STD because "she would already know by now so what's the point?" showing that perhaps she isn't that okay with the man being with another as much as she said it was ‘cool'.

Because of the STD I wondered if the girl was having trouble accepting, no, embracing her sexuality, and certainly needed to talk about the STD to help her feel more self-accepting again.

December 19,1996:  From Friday (Tarot instructor and reader on PaganPath)

A woman had a restraining order placed on her from the man she was seeing who is married.  She paid a lady $800 so far to do psychic/magick work to reunite them.  As of July 2, 1997 there has been no reuniting, and no word from the "psychic" who has apparently moved.

References & Resources:

The list of tips for getting readings could go on forever, but experience is the best teacher.  For further reading about getting the most from your consultations, check out the book The Psychic Source book -How to choose and use a psychic by Frederick G. Levine published by Warner Books, Inc.

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