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Finding Your Path: Witchcraft & Wicca (Course #WW301) This a comprehensive course unlike any other. The emphasis of this course is for you to find your own path. If you have been around the Wheel of the Year a few times, this course will be a refreshing renewal of your spiritual path. If you are just beginning, the classes will help you discover your own path. You will of course learn the basics of Sabbats, circle casting, the elements, classic chants, pronunciations, etc. but you will go far beyond that into practicing your chosen spiritual and magical tradition. No matter what your experience and expertise, you will get something out of this class!

Practical application and actual practice is the emphasis of all the PaganPath Academy online courses. You will learn (or be refreshed) about basic magical theory and many Pagan, Wiccan and Witchcraft traditions are featured throughout the courses, but your practice is the primary focus. Taking all the theories, history and ideas and making them work for you is what it is all about.

The Finding Your Path course provides you with the widest range of knowledge about numerous Pagan Paths along with effective tools for working with energy that can be applied to any spiritual tradition as well as mundane life.

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We will share with you the knowledge and techniques we have mastered, but will not tell you what to think and believe or how you must practice. We do not believe in linear progression through a hierarchical structure, nor do we believe that you must be advanced to a particular place or degree to connect with the divine. Please do not consider this a mentor-ship with a master and a subordinate, but rather an exchange between you and an adviser or confidant. Essentially, your path is your own.

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This is not a historical treatise of Witchcraft, rather the focus is the hands-on application of modern Witchcraft and Wiccan spirituality to everyday life. The origins of the Charge of the Goddess, many modern traditions, the Rede and other cornerstones of the Craft are covered, but this is not an exhaustive historical course.

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Many Pagan traditions are covered in the course but you will notice that there is a distinct "Witchy" flair to the teachings. If you are looking for classes on Druidry or Asatru, this class will help with your own spiritual tradition and working with energy but it will not teach you the specifics of these Pagan Paths. Many Witchcraft practices and Wiccan traditions are covered more in depth, but no mater which Pagan Path you choose, the class will help you to make it your own.

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Of course! But more importantly you will be breaking down classic spells to see how they work, and building your own effective spells by understanding magical theory and energy work. Although magic can be an important part of this path, this is not a course about spells and magic exclusively. They are covered in depth but you will notice an ethical approach that is Wiccan in nature. You are not required to adhere to this perspective, it is simply the basis from where we teach the application of magic. That said, please note that many forms of magic and energy work are covered in the lessons, and practical applications of these techniques are presented with examples of how they are currently used by other Witches and practitioners of many Pagan Paths.

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We do not have exclusive rights to the 'truth' and offer this course as an exploration into the the diverse and sometimes even contradictory facets of Witchcraft and Wicca. Our experiences and viewpoints will influence this writing, as is entirely appropriate. We encourage you to read from a variety of sources throughout this class in order to gain a wider perspective. When presenting controversial subjects, every attempt is made to convey a variety of viewpoints in an objective way. Occasionally we will make personal comments which are strictly our own viewpoints. In the rare event when we feel the need to express a purely personal opinion regarding a topic, we will do so in italicized text like this with a pop up notice to let you know that it is an opinion.

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You may participate in this course casually or formally, or anywhere in between. You can begin your studies, take an exam, focus on other areas of your life for a few months, and then pick up right where you left off when you have more time. If you casually participate and do not care if you receive a certificate of completion, you don't have to give the scoring system a second thought. Just read a lesson and do the exercises, meditations, visualizations or reading assignments (all books are provided online and there is some off-site reading to broaden the classes' viewpoints).

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There are two exams per course, a midterm and a final. If you do not care about getting a certificate, you don't even need to take the exams, but you may do so just for fun if you like. Most classes on PaganPath have additional field trips or community projects you create, plus extra credit assignments you may optionally explore.

When taking the exams, please remember to read the course materials carefully. There is a great deal of information contained in a few words, and details can be easily overlooked. Also, please think carefully about each question on tests. Try not to reiterate what you've read in the textbook or in another Craft book, but instead really think about what seems right to you.

{slider Graduation & Certificates?|success}

Participants who achieve 75% of the total points for a course are offered Certificates of Completion. That means that if you must receive 300 out of the 400 possible points in the course to receive a certificate.
Your certificate may be suitable for presenting to more formal covens when required for entry, for outer court training, or sometimes for initiation purposes, however it is primarily a symbol of your personal achievement. Most people choose to simply frame their certificate or add it to their Book of Shadows.

If you wish to receive a Certificate of Completion, your score will have more meaning for you. You will need to accumulate 75% of the total possible points for the course. There is a total of 400 points in this class, so you will need to accumulate at least 300 points total.
Midterm Exam = 100 possible points
Final Exam = 100 possible points
Oral Exam by Chat or Phone = 100 possible points
Field Trip / Community Project = 100 possible points

You may get extra points if needed or desired through the Extra Credit project outlined near the end of the course:
Extra Credit Psi Test by Mail = 25 possible points
Extra Credit Viewpoint Article = 25 possible points

Good luck and Brightest Blessings to You!

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If you've read a few of the articles in the Library on the site, you are familiar with the writing style of the Academy courses. You can view a few "Academy Exerpts" in several areas of the library, but these two are the best examples of what you will find in the private Academy area:

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"The class introduces magickal techniques such as raising energy by visualizing colors. it is about practice more than intellectual knowledge. i guess I would compare it to reading books about art versus actually painting a picture. this class asks you to do magick, not just read about it.
that is why I like it." ~ Zinnia in the PaganPath Forum

"I appreciate your site and all of the effort you put into it so much more than I feel I can express . . .Thank you. And I REALLY respect the fact that you remain true to your original intent with the site." ~ R.S. in WA - U.S.A

"Been around Pagan stuff for the last twenty years - plus. The courses are about the best introduction I have come across well worth the time and $" ~ C.G. in B.C. - Canada

"Don't get much time online...but when I am here...I'm always amazed and my brain hits overload with all the information!! Love it." ~ J.L. in MN - U.S.A.

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Learn to work with energy.Welcome to the Comprehensive
Witchcraft & Wicca Course

Let there be Beauty and Strength, Power and Compassion, Honor and Humility, Mirth and Reverence Within all who enter here.  So Mote it Be! 1

How to Participate

You do not need to register for a class, or wait for a course session to begin.  If you are a Premium Member (paid yearly dues of $49) then you may begin ANY of the courses in the PaganPath Academy at ANY time.  You may even take all of them at the same time.  Your dues cover all of your materials and lessons and there is no fee for taking additional courses.

You may work through the courses at your own pace, and contact your instructor at any time through the Forum, Private Message System, Email the Contact Us page or through telephone or text message (number provided at the top of your syllabus once you enter the course area).

All you need to do to participate in the Academy courses is read through the lessons and when you are ready, take the exams.  Throughout your reading, you will encounter additional assignments and instructions.  Please take note of these tips:

  • As you read the online information for each session, take notes as you feel is necessary.  Also try to read any of the books that are available to you or web sites listed under References & Resources at the bottom of most pages.  You will also find links to public articles here on the site, and to articles on other web sites in the menu to the right (once you enter the course area).  These extras are provided to expand upon differing or complementary viewpoints.
  • As you read, you will notice words followed by a number or an asterisk*.  These refer to the References & Resources section found at the bottom of most pages.  This area contains bibliographical notes, references or further reading suggestions.

References & Resources

* asterisk is from the Greek asteriskos meaning little star. This is an example of definitions and elaboration used throughout the session materials and marked with an asterisk or *.

1 Words in italics are from The Charge of the Goddess in The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess by Starhawk (Miriam Simos) Bibliographical notes like this one will contain tidbits of information such as Starhawk's birth name, Miriam Simos, so please be sure to check them out. The books listed in these notes are generally very good sources of information and other recommended books are listed at the end of many lessons.

There are many ways to reach your goals.To learn more about this course, please see this article.  This page is just a note about the classes and initiation concerns.  This class is an overall and very comprehensive approach to Witchcraft that will enable you to discover your own spiritual tradition.  You will learn about Witchcraft, energy work, and many Pagan Paths including a comprehensive study of Wicca.

Your path is unique to you and it is not our intention to present here any dogma which is to be strictly adhered to.  You will be presented with facts, viewpoints, historical information and our own opinions.  It is then up to you to experiment and practice to develop your own style.

No matter how complete and arduously thorough a class is, there are always those who would argue that the ideas presented here are not that of Wicca, Witchcraft, The Craft, The Old Religion, etc. However in our studies and experiences, we have discovered that there is no True and Right form of Witchcraft.  It is a path without orthodoxy, scripture or dogmatic doctrine.  However, this does not mean that it is a path without responsibility.

There are a few guidelines you may wish to adhere to if you intend to call yourself a Witch.  It is honorable to abide by at least some of the few widely accepted (but not holy writ) tenets of the path.  Every tradition is only a derivative of many elements, refined and distilled into a living spiritual tradition, but most traditions share some common tenets and ideas.

Although Wicca is regarded by many as a spiritual path, and Witchcraft is sometimes viewed as the "magickal" part of many paths, no differentiation is made here between Wicca and Witchcraft as it is felt to be unnecessary. Some will disagree with this, however nearly every aspect of the Craft could be argued into the ground until it no longer existed. Perhaps this is exactly what some who promote these arguments would desire. We will not participate in such self defeating battles. The term Witch and Wiccan may sometimes be used interchangeably in the course, but it is left up to you as to how you define your path, or even if you choose to use a label.

By participating in this class, reading books, experimenting, studying, researching, practicing and otherwise applying yourself to the pursuit of knowledge (self-knowledge, people-knowledge, world-knowledge, spiritual-knowledge, etc.) you will be undertaking an initiation on your own path.

Initiation is a process, not a single ritual or rite that gives you permission to perform more advanced work.  Initiation rituals are commemorative and celebratory, intended to mark outstanding progress and share your growth with others.  Taking this course is one way to embark on your own initiation

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