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Eagle Stone

An Eagle Stone (or Aeotoi Stone from the Greek for \eagle\") is also known as an Aetite.  An Eagle Stone is any stone that contains within itself another stone or particle, formaing a natural rattle.  The most common example is a \"thunderegg\" or geode.  However, nodules of clay ironstone, about the size of a walnut, are other frequent examples.

Because they are \"stones\" that contain another stone, they are often associated with childbirth and are said to prevent miscarriage.  Dioscorides recommends its use for this as well as for catching theives and treating epilepsy.

Here at PaganPath, we have come across many natural rattles, most of which could be regarded as Eagle Stones.  Their properties depend upon the materials from which they are composed.  For example an amethyst geode sphere with a loose point inside that rattles will have the energy of amethyst as well as the Eagle Stone attributes.

Childbirth is only one correspondence for these natural rattles and modern Pagans use them for birthing any new ideas, creativity, and associations with eagles such as messengers, alertness and power."


Ephemeris can be found on the Home page of') Used in astronomy, magick, astrology and celestial navigation, ephemeris (plural ephemerides) provides the phase and position of astronomical objects for a specific time.

For example on the <a href=''>Home page of PaganPath</a> you will see an area labeled 'Today's Sky'.  This area shows the current moon phase and position (astrological sign) as well as the astrological sun position.

Ephemeris comes from the Greek word for diary or journal.


When you evoke something you call it out, rouse or summon.  For example, you may evoke an energy from within yourself into an object or magickal triangle.

Like invoke, there is an element of vocalization to the word evoke.  An evocation is usually spoken, sung or chanted aloud, and \Words of Power\" are often used.  Respect is still implied, but there is a slightly more commanding or summoning air to the word evoke.

From Latin evocare \"call out, rouse, summon\"

See the Reference Shelf for \"Words of Power\" and note the difference between Invoke and Evoke"

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