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A Chamomile TisaneA french word, pronounced somewhat like "Tea is on" but very quickly as "Tee-zon".  Some also pronounce it tee-sayne (rhymes with insane).  A tisane is an herbal tea, meaning that it is any tea made from spices, herbs, flowers and leaves that are not from the traditional caffeinated tea plant, Camellia sinensis.

A tisane can be used magically and medicinally, and are often sweetened with honey.  Many wonderful and delicious blends are available or can be made at home.  Tisanes are usually brewed a bit weaker than an infusion or decoction, and are more often used as a flavorful beverage first, with medicinal properties second in importance.  As an example, look at the Celestial Seasonings brand herbal tea blends at your local grocer or online.  Companies such as this have expert blend creators who specialize in delicious tisanes, but sometimes these have extra medicinal benefits such as their extremely popular "Sleepy Time" tea.

Because tisanes do not contain Camellia sinensis, they are often, but not always, caffeine free as camellia is not the only plant containing caffeine.

An excellent way to understand a plant's spirit, it's purpose and properties, and to open up communication with the plant is to create a mild tisane and imbibe it slowly while touching and smelling the dried plant matter, picturing the plant in your minds eye and opening yourself up.  Of course this technique must be restricted to non-toxic plant materials only!  When you cannot grow a plant and live with it through its full life cycle, touch its leaves as it kisses the sun and rain, a tisane is the next best thing for gaining a deeper understanding of a plant, and bringing its magical and spiritual energies into your own.

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