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When referred to in herbalism studies, genotoxic substances refer to chemicals that damage DNA (genetic information) within cells, causing mutations. Anti-Genotoxic is an agent or substance that has shown to protect from such damage.


Farthest from Moon:  Apogee means that the moon's orbit (or other satellite or celestial object) is farthest away from the Earth at that time. The moon often appears smaller or less bright at such times.  Most almanacs list the apogee day of the moon for each year, and these times are considered to have less lunar magickal influence.

The gee in Apogee is pronounced like the G in G-force.


Athenæum originally an academy in Ancient Rome, named in honour of the goddess Athena and is now used as the name for literary or scientific institutions and for clubs, particularly those with learned members. It is also used for libraries of collected works of study for art, science and literature.

More at <a href=''>Athenæum</a> in 'The Cauldron' section of the 'Library'.


Bane (noun) is that which is destructive, causes great distress, annoyance or disharmony or is perceived as being \negative\" overall. Bane may also refer to death, a poison, a cause of ruin or woe.  The origins of the word are closely linked with bone, wounds and death (especially by poison).  The herb henbane is a good example, as it will poison your chickens if they eat it.  Fleabane is another herbal example, a plant that was once used as a strewing herb (spread across the floor) to kill and prevent fleas.

Baneful (adjective) means something that is causing harm, ruin, woe, exasperation or death.

You will come across the terms bane and baneful a lot in Pagan and magical writing.  Because there is not necessarily a perception of a good/evil or black/white dichotomy in the Craft.  Magical practitioners use the terms to indicate anything that is negative or harmful and may be inclusive of several harmful factors including energy that is not conducive to the task at hand, even if it could be beneficial or neutral under other circumstances.

For example, an ice storm may seem baneful when it harms a tree, but may also be removing weak and diseased branches of that tree for overall survival of the species and the forest.  This is why the terms bad, evil or negative are not used as often as bane, because it is a more specific term referring to how something exists within a paradigm, rather than just stating a blanketing fact."

Black Pullet

The Black Pullet is grimoire, a type of magical instructional book.  Its primary focus is on the creation of talismans and jewelry - particularly rings - to gain knowledge, power, success and wealth.  Also known as the Hen With the Golden Eggs and Black Screech Owl among other names, it includes instructions for creating the 'black pullet' to bring unlimited wealth. The entire grimoire can be found here in the PaganPath Members Area (look under My Path: Exclusives & Downloads).   <a href=''>There is an article here in the PaganPath Library with even more information about Grimoires</a>

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