Free PaganPath Tarot Reading

After three years of work, the free online tarot reading program is complete and ready for you to use!  Featuring the new PPe-tarot, your reading will utilize the full 78 card tarot deck with both the Major and Minor Arcana.  This area is intended as a learning tool, as well as for entertainment.  You can learn card interpretations and a simple layout or "spread" while you get a free reading.

You can even save your reading by sending it to any email address.  You will receive a unique ID number and a link in your email.  Just copy and paste that link into your browser to retrieve any of your past readings.  This online tarot reading feature is for you, so we are not monitoring your saved readings, tracking or saving any email addresses you enter, or doing any other smarmy marketing tricks.

Free Online Tarot Instructions:

  1. Wait until this page fully loads while you either clear your mind or focus on a specific question.  You may type your question into the box if you desire, but this is not required.
  2. Slowly move your mouse/cursor over the cards below and click a card to select it.
  3. Continue this procedure until you have selected a total of three cards.  After you have selected a card, it should appear a little different, more green and glowing.
  4. When you have selected your three cards, scroll down and click the "Reveal & Interpret" button at the bottom.

You may also click the "Choose for me" button to automatically select three cards.  Please be sure the page is loaded completely before clicking this button.

It is effective to consider the first card as your past, the second as your present, and the third as the most likely potential future (outcome/answer).

When you see your interpretations, note that the letter R: indicates a reversal, or the meaning of the card when it appears reversed/upside down.  Your cards will be displayed upright, though both upright and reversed interpretations are provided.  Both meanings are always present no matter which way they are drawn, but if you wish to know which is emphasized, focus on one of the cards and flip a coin.  Heads it is upright, tails it is reversed.  Repeat this "focus & flip" exercise for your other two cards.

Your Tarot Reading Interpretations:

Each card is accompanied by basic meanings in the form of keywords or short phrases.  These interpretations have been  developed by your Academy instructor, "Friday", from tens of thousands of professional readings from 1992 to the present.

Please look at each card and sense what it means to you.  Take close note of the symbols, what your three cards have in common, and thoughts that come to you when you look at them.  Hopefully, Friday's Notes will provide extra assistance along with your interpretations of each card.

You may also like to look up the cards drawn for you in books you own or in the Tarot Proficiency course in the PaganPath Academy.  If you do not have any tarot references, try the extensive Wikipedia pages for the 22 Major Arcana, the Wands, the Pentacles, the Cups and the Swords.

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