Psychic Attack

Eventually, it happens. Someone messes with you and you need them out of your life, or you need to protect yourself from them. Here are some general tips, but please also see the Cleansing, Purification and Protection rituals found here in the PaganPath Library. These tips do not always follow the Wiccan Rede but can be adapted if you adhere to the Rede. It is always good to have some real information like this in your repertoire in case you ever need it.

When someone is working magick against you, there are a few key signs that might help you ascertain who the attacker is. There are also ways to find out how they are doing it, and finally, there are ways to lessen or end the attack.

Note if you are under serious emotional or physical abuse, remove yourself from the situation and contact the proper authorities.

Are you under attack?

If you answer yes to several of these questions and have ruled out any mundane reasons for any of these occurrences, you might be:

  • Do you feel a strange spacy confusion?
  • Do you suddenly feel like sleeping more?
  • Do people seem to be unusually uncooperative with you?
  • Are you overly distracted by background noises such as traffic?
  • Are you jumpier than usual?
  • Are you getting more headaches than usual?
  • Are you getting paranoid?
  • Are you unusually obsessed over a particular person?
  • Are you finding items in your home that don't belong to anyone living there? Especially objects that can be easily charged such as magickal tools, stones, keys, wands and staffs, jewelry, etc.
  • Are you seeing anything unusual, such as "Witch Cats" (the shadows you see out of the corner of your eye)
  • Do you feel like you are going nuts? (a technique of many attacks, like paranoia, to put you off guard and question yourself)

Who is attacking you?

  • Who would have a motive, any recent enemies?
  • Has anyone questionable given you a gift recently, or asked you to "hold on to something" for them?
  • Has someone been standing a bit too close to you, or do you find yourself bumping into the same person every time you turn around?
  • Listen to your intuition, and ask for help from others including the divine.

Ending the attack:

  • Get rid of any items or gifts that are from questionable sources. Burn them, bury them far away, sink them permanently in a body of water or as a last resort, take them to the trash. Watch for cigarette butts, keys, hair, coins in corners of the room, small glyphs or symbols penciled lightly on walls, behind doors, on glass, etc. Don't accept any future gifts even if offered as part of an apology. If you feel you must accept a gift of apology in front of the person, then get rid of it as soon as possible.
  • Never, ever willingly give the person who is attacking you (or anyone they have contact with) information about yourself such as your birth date, birthplace, sun sign, magickal tradition, favorite stores, etc.
  • Clean your house well physically. Nasties tend to lurk in corners or stack of papers. Look for any unusual items while you clean. I like to do this cleaning as part of a psychic cleansing. Wash windows, dishes, blankets, rugs, dust the house and even wash walls if it is very bad. This mixture works well for psychic and physical cleansing of hard surfaces: 1 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol, 1 tablespoon lemon juice. These remaining ingredients are optional, I use them for their chemical and/or magickal properties: 1 teaspoon Florida water, 10 drops jet dry or other water surfactant used for automatic dishwashers, and if you wish to clean the computer screen, tv or other electronic device add 10 drops of liquid fabric softener to keep them static free and prevent dust from accumulating as quickly.
  • Use the cleansing and protection ritual found in the PaganPath Library.
  • Find out what type of magickal path your attacker follows and create a ritual or spell that contains elements they do not understand. For example, Voodoo techniques can work against a ceremonial style magician.
  • Find out what the person is the most afraid of or least secure about.
  • Try to end all contact with any questionable people until you can figure out what is going on. Do not let being polite be your downfall. Don't invite the person you suspect into your home.
  • Don't give anything to the person you suspect.
  • Talk about your concerns with people you really trust and you know will understand.
  • Use protective amulets, talismans or bind-runes to help you when your guard is down.
  • Keep a protective barrier around you by visualizing yourself enveloped in a 'shell' of light, good choices are the Mirrored Sunglasses technique where you visualize yourself inside a shell made of a mirror, you can see out but they can't see in. White light is always good, and bright neon blue can be effective, use what works best for you. This protective barrier is particularly important before sleeping.
  • Every morning and evening, anoint your chakras, especially your third eye and solar plexus with a protective oil.
  • Ask your higher power or the divine to help out.

If you must continue to have contact with this person:

  • Remain confident at all times in front of them.
  • If you know the person's fears and insecurities, drop a few hints. For example, if you know your attacker is sensitive about the size of his penis, make sure he hears you talking about how size does matter (evil grin) Most women worry about their weight, if your attacker is female a good bet is to usually comment on how some women have huge thighs. If a person is very money minded, a good bet is to talk about how false financial security is these days. Yes, these are cruel, we aren't talking about etiquette, this is survival.
  • Don't avoid eye contact with your attacker, but do focus on only one eye (usually the left eye is considered better) or focus on their nose or forehead. This has a dual impact; you are less open to manipulation, and if they notice you looking at some part of their face, they become paranoid that they might have a zit or something stuck to them.
  • If they keep 'bumping' into you or you find them listening outside a door, say 'excuse me' loudly so others hear and it draws attention to him/her.
  • Do not sit directly across from the person.
  • Use protective amulets, talismans, or bind-runes to help you when your guard is down.
  • Visualize a protective barrier between you and the person.
  • Remember, lightheartedness and laughter are some of the most powerful tools against negativity. Keep your spirits up and your attitude light. Try to see the humor in the situation.
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