Blue BallsThis is from my book of shadows when I had only been practicing for about five years.  It is reserved for dire emergencies and hasn't failed yet. I haven't needed to use it in about fifteen years or so, and I see it needs some refinement. Please feel free to customize it as you wish and let me know the results if you like.  (Use the "Contact" link at the bottom of every page on PaganPath to contact Friday.)

This spell utilizes Sulfur, also known as sulfur or brimstone, which will let off toxic fumes if burned and should not be handled much.  You can find it at Mexican grocery stores and metaphysical shops.  This spell also uses Datura flowers and leaves, which contain powerful alkaloids and can be toxic, do not ingest.  Be careful and use this spell at your own risk.

If you cannot find an ingredient or do not wish to use an item, simply utilize your intuition and the many correspondence charts and books to find appropriate substitutes.  If you are not sure what to use, ask in the PaganPath Forum.

The annotations next to each component are my personal comments on the primary element they add to the spell. This helps in my spell designing and refining, but I left them in if you are interested. E=Earth, A=Air, F=Fire, W=Water

Spell Components:

Cleansing Bath (W): combine the following in a muslin bag or tie up in a washcloth.  You can also make a strong infusion of this in your teapot, strain and add the infusion to your bath.

  • small handful elder flowers (W)
  • one dried Datura S. (Jimson weed) flower and one large dried leaf. Datura M. also works. (W)
  • one small handful dried lemon peel or one juiced fresh lemon added to bath water later on (W)

Blue food coloring or blue balls such as those pictured above are nice additions for the color correspondence and traditional uses.  Add color (optional) directly to the bath water as instructed below.

Smudge & Protect Incense (A & F): combine the following:

  • 2 Tablespoons rosemary leaves, lightly crushed (F)
  • 1 teaspoon ground cloves (F)

Salt (E)
1 blue or white candle (F)
1 small piece sulphur, about 2 or 3 grams (F)
Charcoal Incense Tablet
Censer or cauldron
The completed incense rosemary/cloves (A&F)

The Ritual:

Set up altar in the bathroom with the candle, incense, bath pouch, salt, sulfur, lighter or matches, etc.

Fill the bath with hot water, cast in the salt and say/will/focus your usual blessing. I usually say something like this, "Water and salt shall purify me as the Earth purifies the water that filters down through her many layers."  Please try to think of something better than this!  Just use your own words.  It is your will, intent and focus that are important here.

Cast the herbal pouch into the water, squeeze it underwater so the essence of the herbs begins to flow out of it.  Focus and say your preferred words of power.  I usually say something like this; "This water is now pure, completely cleansed and free of all bane. Herbs of water and purity, shield me from all bane. Elder umbrellas, you are my shield, Datura my defense sending bane away from me, my home, my loved ones, and my life. Lemon you are my envelope of protection, blending with my aura you make it pure and strong."  Blue food coloring or 'blue balls' from a botanica are a nice addition for purification, protection and calming qualities of the color.

Let the water become still and trace a pentagram in its surface while saying a protection charge such as; "With this pentacle I lay, I am protected night and day, Lord and Lady of Light and Life, Protect me now from bane and strife."

Light the charcoal and lightly apply a pinch of the incense.  Then light the candle while saying your chosen words or "Fire and Air burn away negativity, protect me from harm."

Hold the sulfur in your left or receptive hand and say; "Goddess and God I need protection at this time. Please watch over me. Earth and water, fire and air, by you I cleanse and protect myself. No harm shall come to me!" Place the sulfur in reach of the bathtub. Immerse yourself completely or at least let the water touch every part of you. Pick up the sulfur in your right or projective hand and say something like, "Quarters carry with you this charm, I am now protected from all harm! The three-fold law is now my shield, No bane can near my auric field." (wow, I had a thing for 'auras' back then didn't I? hehe) To the Lord and Lady I am pledged, And by them attackers will be judged." (Again, please feel free to use your own words that resonate with you.)

Replace the sulfur on the altar if you can reach it from the tub, or just nearby. Cleanse yourself in the bath as you normally would for a spell or ritual, releasing negativity, feeling the cleansing and protecting qualities of the herbs, etc.  Focus your mind on your intent, adding small pinches of incense to the charcoal as necessary.  It is helpful to have a window cracked slightly nearby if weather permits.

When you are finished, Give thanks and dismissal.  I usually cast a circle for most spells so hail and farewell to all is usually necessary.  I often close my personal rituals with something like this at the very end, use any specific deity names you are drawn to if you like this, "Goddess and God, thank you for your help, let my decisions and actions be wise as I walk your path. Thank you...."

All remaining items from this working, such as candle stub, leftover incense, sulfur, etc. should be buried.


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