Clutter ContaminationYou can survive personal apocolypse and change your life!  When psychic and physical clutter take over your life, it is nearly impossible to focus, set or reach goals, or drag yourself out of depression and despair.  Things may seem to be impossibly turning against you, and life keeps throwing you challenges that you do not have the energy to meet.

One very successful but drastic solution is a full purging.  Purging is a significant life event unlike any other.  Many life events happen to us such as a death of a loved one, but purging is a life event you choose.

This will take some serious dedication, but the results are phenomenal.  Don't worry, you can take your time to do this, so even if your energy is drained you can perform small tasks as your energy allows.  As you progress, your energy and personal power levels will increase and you will progress faster.

Although it helps to have a friend helping in this situation, it is not absolutely necessary.  Having a friend helps keep your spirits up, and gives you a "witness" to share stories about items that are deeply steeped in memories and psychic energy.  Once you have shared the memories and stories about an item, you may find that you no longer need the actual item in your life.

If you don't have a witness-friend, consider journaling, or even posting somewhere on the internet.  Take a picture of the item that is holding psychic toxins and memories, write about it, and then donate it or sell it on an online auction site.  This can be your personal history book, a memoir, and you can save your writing and images to a flash drive or disk instead of a closet full of boxes.

Those items in your life that seem so important may be holding you back.  You don't need the item to remind yourself of a failed relationship, the shortcoming of a parent's behavior, the gift you really didn't want, etc.  Downsizing is the first step to emotional, psychic and physical freedom.

Don't be overwhelmed if your whole place is filled with such items.  A death of a parent, a divorce, school you never finished, all of these life events leave deep scars, and usually many memory items that carry with them emotional and psychic toxins.  Take your time and you will get through the purging step, and heal a lot of old scars.

Your housemates should be briefed about what you are doing, and will hopefully cooperate.  It may take a bit longer if everyone in the home is not on board, but you can still do it on your own.


Step One - Cover the Basics:

Go through your house and set everything you need two weeks away from home onto the bed or couch.  If you can't fit it on the bed, reconsider your need for so many items.  Your bed should not be piled six feet high either, keep it reasonable to about what you can fit in the back seat of a car.

Look closely at what you have gathered and think about each thing carefully.  Do the possessions you've chosen serve you well, and make you feel independent?  Did you remember your multivitamins, medicine, toothbrush?

Step Two- Set Up Home Base:

Pick a room, or an area of a room to set up a home base.  Your bedroom might be a good place to start, but if you live in a one room apartment you might select your sleeping quarters.

Thoroughly clean the small area you have selected. Wash the sheets, clean the floor, remove cobwebs and smudge.

Organize the items you "packed" in step one so you can live in this area of your home without needing anything from other areas.  You are basically camping at home.  Make this a protected area that is soothing to you.  Try to remove the stressful items and keep it minimal.

Step Three - Elimination

Every day allow yourself some time to relax in the safe space you have created.  When you have the energy, tackle one small area of the rest of your home at a time.  That box of old photos, the basement full of random junk, etc.  Take pictures of items you really don't need in your life and journal them as described above.  Set them aside for a garage sale, online auction site, or donate them to a friend or charity.  You can scan old photographs and make yourself a digital album, or take them to a local center that will scan them for you onto a disk.

When you get confused or overwhelmed, stop.  Return to your safe place, go out to see a movie or take a walk outside.  It took you your entire life to accumulate all of this stuff, you won't be able to get through it in an afternoon.

Items you really wish to keep and that will be useful should be carefully scrutinized.  Yes, you may need the microwave and computer, but do your really need that cookie jar you haven't used in two years?  Those dozens of bottles of shampoo or lotion you haven't used don't need to be in your life any more.  That bottle of marinade in the refrigerator that you spent too much money for, but hate, is only a reminder of buyer's remorse.  Herbs that have been in the kitchen cupboard for the past few years are no longer food, they are compost.

As you go through everything in your home, try to eliminate as much as possible.  Think of yourself as a world traveler preparing to relocate to another country for a couple of years.  Do you love that plant stand enough to drag it with you?  Would you remember it if you returned home from an exotic location and it was no longer there?

Each item you decide to keep should be set into a "keep" area.  This area needs to remain as small as possible and any items you are keeping should bring you a sense of peace, harmony and positive energy.

You may become overwhelmed.  It will probably happen.  Remember that you are sorting through your entire life and it won't happen overnight.  Just return to your safe place you set aside, or try to get outside to ground yourself.  It is okay to take a break, just be sure to tackle something every day.  A junk drawer may hold just as much psychic junk as an entire attic full of boxes, so don't be too hard on yourself, just take a break to regroup, and then go at it again.

Minimize whenever possible.  Don't keep an entire magazine just for a single article.  Tear out the article and file it, or get a digital version.

When you are finally finished going through all of your items, get rid of the non-keep pile and get ready to clean and clear.  Again, you can sell items at a garage sale or online, and the money you make can take away a lot of stress from bills, or help you purchase organizational items such as a file cabinet or totes.

Step Four - Clean & Clear

Your journey to healing old scars and rebuilding your life has come a long way.  Old items in your life may have dragged up a lot of memories, tears, anger and hopefully some joy and laughter.

Now it is time to open some new doors in your life.  Begin by thoroughly cleaning your entire home.  Let no corner escape your cleaning.  Even dust the top of door frames, wash windows and rugs, pretend you are about to sell your home or are trying to get your security deposit back.

Smudge everything, try the House Cleansing and Blessing Ritual on the site, sprinkle sea salt on all the carpets and vacuum it up to remove psychic junk.  Add a pinch of salt to your cleaning solutions to help clear the psychic junk away.  Wash curtains and blinds, let the sun shine in, open some windows and air the place out.  Scrub out kitchen cupboards and clean the oven or microwave.

Step Five - Rebuild

Begin arranging the items you placed in your "keep" pile.  Organize a file cabinet for your bills, magazines, legal documents, etc.  As you go through your keep pile, reconsider each item and eliminate anything that really isn't serving you well.

Carefully organize and re-assemble your place.  Put glasses next to the sink in easy reach, get your bathroom items organized neatly and intentionally.  It is so easy to keep your place clean if everything has a place to go.

Craft items and projects can be stored in boxes or large totes and labeled well.  You may have one for beading, paper making, leather work, etc.  These can be stored in an organized manner on shelves with the labels clearly visible.  Herbs and spices in the kitchen can be put in canning jars and labeled with neat Witchy labels you print out.  Consider each item you place into your space.  It should feel good, serve a purpose (or several purposes) and be placed in the area that it is needed and convenient.

If you find that mail piles up on a certain table or chair, move your file cabinet and a trash can to that area so you can sort through paperwork quickly and easily.  This is especially important if you are battling debt or legal matters.  These events cause enough stress that the paperwork doesn't need to invade your life more than it already has.

Step Six - Maintain

Be careful you don't get an empty nest feeling that will cause you to accumulate more things.  Your minimized place may not offer you the security blanket you once had.  Remember that security doesn't come with things in your life, it comes from within you.  Think back to how chaotic and stressed your life was before you purged.  Avoid letting things get that way again by remembering before you buy or bring home new items to clutter things up.

Pick a day once a week to clean for at least an hour.  Go through bills and paperwork, reorganize any area that gets cluttered easily (it probably indicates a need to organize and streamline that area more) and give everything a good cleaning and smudging.

After your hour or so of cleaning, do a second hour of meditation, journaling, pampering.  Giving back to yourself will keep those panicked, empty feelings away so you don't feel the need to fill them with material items.  Spend some time in prayer, hiking, connecting with nature, or indulging yourself.  This hour of "You Time" is critical to continue healing old scars and keeping your life uncluttered.

Final Notes

You will discover so much about yourself through this purging.  Your life is rich in events and history, and your journey is very special because it is so unique.  You will find that after you have purged, you have a new perspective, balance and clarity.  Your goals will become more clear, and you have the energy to reach them.

Many blessings and congratulations on your purging.  This is a significant life event and now you are reborn.

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