There are thousands of websites and books you can use to look up the meaning and properties of a color.  Even here on PaganPath you will find reference charts and correspondences for magickal and spiritual use.  However, bringing this information into your everyday life is a jump forward you may enjoy trying.  Even if you are color blind you can still use color magick.

Let's use a web site color scheme as an example.  Note that of course you can apply a color scheme to everything from an outfit to room decorations or automotive customizing.  To make things simple, we will use PaganPath as our example.

Although you will find many correspondences for a color, it is essentially up to you to determine if that color is appropriate for your use.  For example, red may indicate energy and warmth for some people, but for others it may represent anger. 

You can be inspired by something you see in a photograph, product label or even your garden.  The sage blooming in the PaganPath Sanctuary garden was a lovely sage-green and nearly ultraviolet purple.  Green and purple are good secondary colors that have the energy we were looking for on the site.

Now that you are inspired, apply some basic color theory.  There are some people who are color blind, and this is not just a red/green perception, it can also be purple/yellow and affect the perception of many other colors.  To increase the contrast of the site, we made the green a tad "cooler" by adding some blue, and the purple a tad "warmer" by adding some red.  This helps make the site more usable for those with different color perceptions.

Color Blindness & Color Perceptions:
Although the perception of a color may vary from person to person, the wavelength is still present.  This means that the energy of the color is still being received even if the color is not perceived the same for each individual.

Color Wavelength mµ * Explanation
Ultraviolet 380-280

Ultraviolet and infrared are given as a point of reference and are not considered to be visible colors.


* mµ =nanometers
=billionths of a meter

Violet 430-390
Indigo 450-440
Blue 480-460
Green 530-490
Yellow 580-550
Orange 640-590
Red 750-650
Infrared 1000-750

Take a look at a color wheel and learn some basics of color theory such as through Wikipedia here or Tiger Color here, and combine it with your knowledge of magickal color correspondences and your intuitive color perceptions.  The correspondences below are combinations of our perceptions of a color along with classic correspondences.

For PaganPath, green is used for:
nature, environment, luck, growth, heart chakra, fertility, relaxation

Purple is used for:
intellect, magick, mystery, spirituality, crown chakra, playfulness

So, get inspired, apply some basic color theory and check your color wheel, combine it with your magickal correspondences and research and your intuition and personal perceptions.

Color magick can be used in every area of your life to provide the feeling you want from an altar, bedroom design, book cover and much more!

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