Traveling Your Pagan PathAre you new to Paganism, Wicca, Witchcraft, Heathenism, etc.? Are you new to

If you answer yes to either of the questions above, please read this brief note:

Before you begin your journey here at, please note that the site is not designed with beginners in mind, but is instead tailored to those who are already drawn toward a Pagan path and wish to explore it in more depth.

Because the purpose of this site is for current practitioners who already understand the basics, our efforts are focused on; helping you hone your skills and enhance your practice, providing insights and ideas for the application of your spirituality and magic, and providing a safe space to connect with other like minded individuals to exchange ideas.

Many practitioners find that the labels they originally choose to identify themselves have less and less meaning, and eventually become fairly unimportant.  But when you first step foot on the Pagan path, there are a lot of different directions to start your journey.  Therefore we leave the basics and introductory information to those who do these things best, and avoid internet redundancy by providing links to these carefully selected reputable resources.

If you are interested in exploring your path in more depth, or wish to move from study and theory into practice and application, is here to help you do just that.  You may find the courses in the Academy fit your style, and there are hundreds of articles in the Library.  If you wish to connect with others to exchange ideas, you may find what you are looking for in the PaganPath Chat or Forum.

Resources for Basic and Introductory Information:

If you discover a broken link or a url that isn't working, please report it to Friday here.

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