The Elder Futhark Runes

The following interpretations of the meanings of the Elder Futhark1 runes are summarized from my research through dozens of books and manuscripts. After studying the works of several respected scholars and rune…

Free Tarot Readings

Your free online tarot reading and some of the online tarot class in the Academy is illustrated with the PPe-Tarot.

The PPe-Tarot was developed over a period of nine months and released on November 22, 2014, for…

5 Tips to Using Ouija Without Harm

There are some common problems associated with using the Ouija board to contact spirits or to develop your psychic skills. This article gives you five tips to using your Ouija board or other talking board without causing…

Zener Cards: Print Your Deck

Zener cards provide you with an easy way to develop and test your psychic skills. Here you can print your own deck of Zener cards to help you stretch your third eye. Instructions for testing your psychic skills along…

Ouija Stories & Experiences

Stories about the Ouija can be fascinating, fun and even a bit spooky.  Here are two experiences from PaganPath Members.

Whenever you are considering spirit contact, it's a good idea to assess your strength of…

Telling Tall Tales With the Tarot

Every tarot card is filled with symbols and images from throughout history and from many cultures. They speak to our subconscious, creativity, imagination and intuition. Several of the major arcana cards are very…

When Psychics & Pagans Need a Psychic

So you are psychic, Pagan or simply a sensitive person; and you need a second opinion or someone to shed some light and objective perspective on a situation.  Who reads for a reader?  How does a psychic find a…

Going to a Psychic? You Need to Know These Tips

Have you been wondering about psychics?  The tips in this article will show you how find a psychic that fits your needs, and how to get a truly insightful reading while helping you avoid hoaxes, charlatans, traps,…

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