Painting by WaterhouseSo you are psychic, Pagan or simply a sensitive person; and you need a second opinion or someone to shed some light and objective perspective on a situation.  Who reads for a reader?  How does a psychic find a psychic?

It is very difficult to get an accurate reading from someone if you have experience in any type of energy work.  This includes meditation, healing, psychic skill or magick.  Most likely it is either because you are going to people who lack true psychic senses, or because you are blocking the psychics from reading you.

People that are particularly psychic or magickal can often block a reader.  If you have this increased sensitivity, you have most likely developed barriers to protect yourself from negativity such as day to day exposure to nasty people, or even loved ones who are overly stressed.

You may have developed shields because of upsetting dreams if they are, how do i say, anxiety and suspense riddled frighteners, and are often prophetic.  When this happens, you may want to get some perspective from a reader, but your mind will naturally protect itself due to the nightly onslaught. That shield in particular is often hard for psychics to get through!  Perhaps this is because dreams are somewhat similar to the state that many psychics utilize for their readings.

The psychics you are going to should be able to identify these blocks and tell you about them.  They may even work with you to understand and control them.  This self-empowerment type of work should be a psychic's primary concern, particularly when working with other sensitive individuals.  By gaining control of your shields, you can raise and lower them as the situations you are exposed to require.  For example, this will make it easier for you to be in intimate relationships openly, and still survive a negative work atmosphere.  If the psychics you've spoken with are not picking this up, and are trying to insist that they are right, then they might not be able to help you at this time.  Move on from them and look for someone who can.

Not every psychic will be able to read you, even if their skills are genuine.  Finding a compatible reader can take some time and experimentation.  Even after finding a psychic who could work with you, they may have 'off' days.  Because of the potential presence of your own psychic skills (you are already sensitive or working with energy or meditation) I would suggest reading for yourself periodically.  One reading a week is enough to gain perspective without becoming overly obsessed.  By doing inner work you will gain control of your skills and refine them while you search for a compatible reader.

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Pemil replied the topic: #2 28 Oct 2018 02:19
I was extremely upset with the series of unwanted events in my life, and one day I happened to find a website that offers absolutely free psychic readings, so I decided to give it a try, and I was satisfied with the results. I can now understand why people believe in psychic readers.

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