From the author, Friday's collection - board circa 1920Stories about the Ouija can be fascinating, fun and even a bit spooky.  Here are two experiences from PaganPath Members.

Whenever you are considering spirit contact, it's a good idea to assess your strength of mind.  Be honest with yourself; have you faced your fears?  Been hiding something from yourself or others?

Do any chemical imbalances occur in your family's genetics?  Spirit contact, like many hallucinogenic compounds, alters your perception.  Altered perceptions can give you a great deal of information, but sometimes too much, especially if you aren't ready to accept it or if you aren't able to determine its validity.  Please note that these letters have been only minimally edited for clarity.

Our first story is a worst case scenario from Selene:

I am writing concerning the information on the ouija and to thank Friday for such an excellent site ( On the 1995 Christmas holidays, I did my first seance as a friend who I admired told me about it and I convinced her to show me how to do it. The first time I tried it I was amazed at the coin moving and the 'spirits' saying happy birthday to me even though they were not told or given any idea. I liked the excitement the ouija offered and after we finished I wanted to do another, followed by another and another. At this stage my parents thought it was funny, my friends thought it was fun, but I was becoming obsessed , I could feel it.

Over the weeks I talked on the board and one night I had a seance party with friends, I was never the same after this night! A spirit named 'JOHN GACY" claimed to be talking to me (he is a serial killer) and told me he was going to kill me blah blah blah, This freaked me out as I had watched the movie of him the week before and no one had known it scared me and no one had known who he was. I had an emotional breakdown kind of and had to 'fight' John gacy to survive. With the help of Chris??? (the one that John Gacy killed) I overcame this struggle, but was faced with another.

My 'guardian angel' Eve started talking to me which previously she had not done as she hadn't wanted me to use the ouija. At first I liked talking to her but then she talked in my head and this went on for 8 months, after the first month I thought she was annoying, and everyone started to notice changes in me. I was going crazy and I didn't even realize. I was losing friends and family as I was pushing them away. I didn't care though and I wouldn't tell them what was happening. I didn't like Eve after a while as she spoke in my head all day every day I couldn't even say a prayer (I am not catholic now and I thank this experience for finding my path now) and I used to laugh and cry for no reason so it seemed. My friends were worried but I kept pushing them away. Eventually I realized I was a little (though I was a lot) crazy and told my mum, but then I got a bit better at acting, and everyone thought I was normal again but I was still hearing Eve all the time. It was something I could live with now but I didn't want to so I told my mum again and I said I thought I was schizophrenic but she wouldn't believe it. I made her talk to a lady at work and I went to this shrink guy. After 3 sessions the voices went and haven't came back.

I don't know whether it was a scientific thing like it seemed or spiritual but either way it is over and i am thankful. I used to hear people say be careful of seances and I was like 'yeah right, they aren't dangerous' but they can be so just be careful and u can still have fun. I wrote a poem as I was getting over my episode:

Spiritual Schizophrenia By Selene
Pain, hatred, love and lust
Emotional whirlpools that I just can't trust
Not knowing what is real
Not knowing what to feel
I had a mixed up mind
I felt I was one of a kind
I was labelled 'weird' and 'crazy'
My life in these months seemed always hazy
I had a voice that was not my own
In my head it had grown
I thought this was a spirit of the dead
But this was just some of the bullshit that i had been fed
This stage of my life is now gone
And I now feel reborn
With the help of family and friends
My old voice each day mends
BLESSED BE From Selene

The pointer on a Ouija board is known as a planchette, from the French for Little Table

A great story from Ms. X:

Our second story is a great example.  It is tempting to show skeptics the quick and powerful stuff out there to open up their minds, but unfortunately, this technique usually only closes them up more tightly.

I would like to share with you a personal experience of what happened to me years ago while using a Ouija board.  Actually I've had MANY weird experiences with it, but I'll start with one. . .

This was maybe 5 years ago, when I was 14 years old in Italy. I was over a girl's house and was kinda bored, so I decided to construct my own Ouija board.  For the board I stuck 2 pieces of paper together and wrote all the letters of the alphabet and the numbers (0-9).  As a sort of guide/icon, I used a large coin (equal to the Canadian $1 coin).

Now I had a feeling this would work, and I wanted to prove it to myself that a home-made board would work just a good or even better than the one made by Warner Brothers. (meant Parker Brothers?)  A few years back, a friend and I cracked my (real) Ouija board by mistake and we saw that there is no magnet or whatever other device people thought there was inside the board.

So I lay the home-made board on the kitchen table and began to fool around with it.  I seemed to have been getting various entities, and most were so weak in power that the icon was barely able to move across the board.  And when I called the girl so we could do it in 2, the power was even weaker.  In my experience, the entities are always more powerful when I'm alone (maybe because of fear), but I was pretty cool about it since I've been using it for many years before that day.

Next, I did a very foolish thing.  I mentally invited an "evil" spirit...My words were something like "I summon the most powerful demon from the abyss to this world."  The reason for this...because I wanted to get some action going and wanted to show-off basically.  So right after I said that I could feel lot's of power in the room. Then the icon started doing "Figure-8's" on the board really really fast. So obviously the girl got freaked out because she thought I was moving it.  So then I mentally asked it questions and it was replying in a snap...extremely quickly and no spelling mistakes like most spirits do. And so the girl was standing in front of me and talking to me at the same time and the wacky thing was this entity was taking part in our conversation.  He would sort of say (through the board of course) the answers before we would, or say things that were completely relevant to the conversation. Another thing that amazed me, was the fact that this entity sort of spoke "modern" English...and not in rhymes or lyrics as most tend to do, not making much sense. But this entity was using sort of "American slang" I guess we could say.

When I went home that night, I had the worst night's sleep in my life.  Maybe it was just because I was scared, but I usually don't scare that easily.  I'm the type who likes to stay up at 1:00am watching a horror movie alone with all the lights closed.  Within the following weeks, when I was home alone, I heard windows clattering loudly, doors slamming... It was like a real haunted house :) ... Was a great experience for a while, then it sort of got weaker gradually over time.

So that's basically what happened that night, and I know that entity did not leave when he said "bye".  And I was sort of stuck with it for a while, until I finally learned about Paganism and Witchcraft, and found someone (actually that person came up to me) to get rid of it.

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