A deck of Zener cards is a great way to develop your psychic skills.Zener cards provide you with an easy way to develop and test your psychic skills.  Here you can print your own deck of Zener cards to help you stretch your third eye.  Instructions for testing your psychic skills along with a score chart are below.

But, you might ask, what are they?  Zener cards were developed through a collaboration of Dr. Karl Zener (at Duke University) and J.B. Rhine (Harvard biologist) in the late 1920s, and have been used in parapsychology experiments.

In the year 2000, a movie entitled The Gift  featured a psychic reader using these cards with her clients, however this is a Hollywood thing, and not a common occurrence in real life.  Although it is possible to use anything to do psychic readings, Zener cards are better suited to developing, testing and experimenting with psychic skills.  They are more like exercise equipment than a tool for readings.

There are five different symbols in a Zener Card Deck, and five cards of each symbol for a total of 25 cards per deck exactly as you see below.  The cards on this page have been created for PaganPath Members such as yourself, for you to print and use.  It is recommended that you use a heavy card stock of white (traditional), cream or yellow.  Use your "print preview" option to see if everything looks the way you wish before you print.

Traditionally, two people use a deck of Zener cards.  One person shuffles the deck (the sender) and focuses on each card for a few moments.  The second person (the receiver) says which symbol they sense the sender is viewing.  Usually the receiver is visually separated from the sender, perhaps in another room or building.  I have found that it works well to sit on the floor on opposite sides of a closed door.

When two people use a Zener deck, it is an exercise in telepathy and clairvoyance.  Telepathy, otherwise known as "mind reading" literally translates to "distance feeling" or picking up on the thoughts of others.  Clairvoyance means "clear seeing" and indicates the receiving of visual images.  You may find that you are a good "sender" and your friend is a good "receiver" or vice versa.  You may also discover that you "feel" the points of the star rather than "see" them - or the smoothness of the circle is felt.  You may be telepathic, but not necessarily clairvoyant.  Knowing your strengths will help you customize any magical or energy workings you might wish to do.

If you are using a Zener deck alone, you are most likely exercising your precognitive skills.  If there is no "sender" then you are technically "predicting" which card will appear next.  This might also be considered remote viewing because the order of the cards is set when you shuffle, and isn't necessarily in the future.  Regardless of what term you use, Zener cards can be a useful tool for testing and exercising psychic skills.

The Printable Zener Card Deck

You can print this entire page with the sample scoring sheet at the bottom, or click here to print just the 53kb image of the entire Zener Deck.  Once you print them out, just carefully cut out each card.

Star Zener Card Circle Zener Card Plus Sign or Cross Zener Card Wavy Zener Card Square Zener Card
Star Zener Card Circle Zener Card Plus Sign or Cross Zener Card Wavy Zener Card Square Zener Card
Star Zener Card Circle Zener Card Plus Sign or Cross Zener Card Wavy Zener Card Square Zener Card
Star Zener Card Circle Zener Card Plus Sign or Cross Zener Card Wavy Zener Card Square Zener Card
Star Zener Card Circle Zener Card Plus Sign or Cross Zener Card Wavy Zener Card Square Zener Card


  • Print the deck as instructed in the introduction, then cut out each card.
  • Sit in a quiet room out of direct view of your partner.
  • Have the sender shuffle the 25 card deck well.  The sender then places the deck face down in front of him/her.
  • The sender selects a card off the top of the deck and focuses on it for about a minute.
  • The receiver calls out the name of the symbol they believe it to be (your first impulse is usually the most accurate, don't "over think").
  • The sender records the actual card on a chart, and the 'guess' of the receiver on a chart.  A sample record keeping chart is provided for you below.  The next card is then selected, focused on by the sender, guessed by the receiver and recorded and so on.  It can be helpful to have a third person (a recorder) doing all recording instead of the sender doing the recording if you have three people.  The sender should not speak, only the receiver, you don't want to inadvertently give clues in your vocal fluctuations, etc.
  • When all 25 cards have been viewed and guessed, the score is calculated.  A 20% score is average (5 correct) and would be the score attributable to chance (1 in 5 random chance).  Anything above a 20% (more than 5 correct) may show potential psychic skills.  Anything below 20% (less than 5 correct) may also show potential psychic skills.  Some people may guess the incorrect answer more often than is attributable to chance.  This "Reverse Psychicism" is an unusual phenomena that should be identified and controlled whenever it is detected to improve your psychic and magical workings.
  • Keep practicing and try the experiment with other people.  You might find that you work better with different people and you may find that you work better at different times of the day.  Finding your peak times is also helpful for timing your other magical and ritual workings.  If you are alone, make sure that all your cards look identical on the backs and act as your own recorder.
  • To make these experiments the most accurate, we recommend that you calculate an overall score after doing many tests, say 100 or more.  This overall score is more objective, but does not necessarily make a high score less valid.  Make notes of the time, date, weather conditions, experimenters' names, or anything else so that when you do have a high score, you can find out what helped it to become so.

Record Keeping

Time: Date Moon Phase, Weather, Locations, Etc.
Receiver's Name: Sender's Name: Recorder's Name:
# Actual Card Guess
1. . .
2. . .
3. . .
4. . .
5. . .
6. . .
7. . .
8. . .
9. . .
10. . .
11. . .
12. . .
13. . .
14. . .
15. . .
16. . .
17. . .
18. . .
19. . .
20. . .
21. . .
22. . .
23. . .
24. . .
25. .. .
0-4 correct = "Reverse Psychicism" Above Average | 0-5 correct = Normal | 6 or more correct = Above Average
Actual Number Correctly Guessed:


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