Traditional symbolism of the Rider Waite Pamela Colman Smith classicYour free online tarot reading and some of the online tarot class in the Academy is illustrated with the PPe-Tarot.

The PPe-Tarot was developed over a period of nine months and released on November 22, 2014, for PaganPath's 17 year anniversary.  This is a 78 card set of tarot cards following the Rider-Waite/Colman-Smith style to assist you in learning the classic symbolism.

The deck was developed by Friday from the Colman-Smith set created by Samvado Gunnar Kossatz ("Sam") of Hamburg, Germany under the General Public License.

Sam had originally hand-drawn pencil images of the Rider-Waite cards and scanned them, colored them in and added texture.  This was quite an undertaking when he did the work back in the late 1990's when graphics software was less sophisticated and almost prohibitively expensive.

Friday created this digital deck specifically for quick loading for the online tarot reading programs and the Academy Tarot classes here on PaganPath, while still retaining the traditional symbolism.  From Sam's original set, the hue of each card was made a bit warmer, taking out some of the turquoise and bright blue of the originals. 

The saturation of each card was also slightly subdued for better online viewing (especially mobile devices) and titles and borders were made easier to read while standing out less.  Emphasis on some symbols has been added (such as the white dog in the fool card) and other symbols were removed (the cross on the High Priestess).  Small details have been added here and there to assist Academy students who are learning traditional symbolism.

Variations can be found across the entire set, and if you click on the picture above you can view a "before and after" comparison of a few of the cards.  Note the extra "lunar" feel of the moon card after adaptation.

The PPe-Tarot is the result.  Simple. Clear symbolism.  Very fast loading on all devices.  No bells or whistles here, just the traditional and classic symbols that are quick and easy to see and interpret.

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