2018 Pagan Wiccan Almanac Calendar

Welcome Members ~ Introducing the new Almanac

After 21 years of creating and publishing The PaganPath Almanac, it has been picked up by a publisher and is now entitled: The Practical Witch's Almanac: Thirteen Months of Magic

Your PaganPath Membership (free or premium academy) gives you access to this frequently updated version of the Practical Witch's Almanac hereThis pdf will open in most browsers, or you can use Adobe Reader on your phone, tablet or computer. If you have trouble downloading, try the mirror links at the bottom of this page.

Here you will find January 2018 through April 2018 calendar pages along with eclipses, Sabbats, Esbats, meteor showers, energy notations, gardening information, birthdays, federal holidays, trivia and so much more.  There is also a chart of all lunar phases and a chart of all moon signs for the entire year (2018).

Note that this free version does not include the coupons, recipes and extensive articles on tarot, playing card divination, using Zener cards for psychic development (plus a printable Zener card deck) book of shadows pages, and more. To get these features, you'll need to select one of the free or paid options below.

Getting Printed Copies of the Complete Almanac

The only print copies left can be found at Microcosm Publishing's page here. Note that the small carry-along version is less than $3 and includes many free coupons and extras. The large version is perfect for hanging on your wall, or even incorporating into your spellbinder or Book of Shadows and is $13.95. We encourage you to support this wonderful publisher. Please check out their site, even if you are not interested in the printed almanac, they have amazing titles to choose from.

You may find a few copies in bookstores around Oregon, Washington, and California, or you can ask your bookstore to order a copy for you from Microcosm.

Full Digital Version Free

If you have Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime, you can grab the Almanac free with your account here. and use it on your computer, tablet or phone. If you do not have unlimited or prime, you can download the Almanac for $9.99 USD.

The Full Access to All Digital Versions!

Get access to all Version, Wall Calendar Pages, Carry Along Almanac,  Coupons, Articles, Book of Shadows pages, monthly specials and articles, and more directly from the official website, PracticalWitch.com, for only $5.

Everything is Free after July!

After July 2018, the official website (PracticalWitch.com) opens up the vault and every version of the Almanac becomes free to the public.  No registration is required and you can access absolutely everything.

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Today's Sky

Sun in Libra
24 degrees
Moon in Aquarius
1 degree
First Quarter Moon
First Quarter Moon
8 days old
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