The 2019 Practical Witch's Almanac: Expanding Horizons - ISBN 978-1-62106-731-3

Welcome Members ~ Introducing the new Almanac

After 22 years of creating and publishing The PaganPath Almanac it has been rebuilt from the ground up with new artists and authors.  Now entitled the Practical Witch's Almanac, each year has a theme, and for 2019 it is Expanding Horizons.

To get the 2019 Practical Witch's Almanac, go to Microcosm Publishing here.

An Almanac for Practically Everyone

No matter what your spiritual path may be, this is an almanac for the Practical Witch in You. The patterns and cycles of nature are laid out before you along with notations of diverse holidays, festivals, and events.

This year's theme is Expanding Horizons. Holidays from many cultures and spiritual traditions are included as well as birthdays of notable Witches, Pagans, scientists, and individuals who have worked toward equality, civil rights, or expanding our horizons.

You will be delighted to see traditional lunar and seasonal information alongside the increased diversity of this edition.

  • Week per page from The 2019 Practical Witch's Almanac: Expanding Horizons - ISBN 978-1-62106-731-3New Planner Format- One Week Per Page
  • Articles, Recipes, Spells, and DIY projects selected to enhance your daily life and enrich your spirit
  • Pagan, Wiccan, Buddhist, Secular, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, and U.S. Federal Holidays
  • Solstices, Equinoxes, Sabbats
  • Solar & Lunar Eclipses, Meteor Showers, Visible Planets
  • Weekly Psychic Insights
  • Gardening & Permaculture
  • Sunrise, Sunset & Twilight
  • Access Free Online Bonuses:
  •     Wall Calendars, Printable Tarot Decks, Coupons, Recipes, Free Gifts, Time Conversions and more at

Last year's copies sold out early, so please be sure to reserve your copy for 2019 today.

Other Editions & Free Archives

Your PaganPath Membership (free or premium academy) gives you access to the Practical Witch's Almanac Archive in the downloads section for Members.  For quick glimpses, check  out the 2018 calendar pages below along with eclipses, Sabbats, Esbats, meteor showers, energy notations, gardening information, birthdays, federal holidays, trivia and so much more.  There is also a chart of all lunar phases and a chart of all moon signs for the entire year (2018).

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The 2019 Practical Witch's Almanac: Expanding Horizons
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