Introduction: Finding Power Without Tripping Over It

There are many Books of Shadows that have charts of correspondence tables to tell you when to work a spell, what color of candle to use for every situation, and which invocations to use. There is no need for this type of…

Part I: Getting Away from the Program

Being born and raised in American society, or any society dominated by Christianity, will have effects on people's minds. Even when we question many of the tenants of the Christian faith, there are lingering doubts and…

Part II: Where is Power?

In Part I we talked about the self defeating programming that takes power from within you and gives it to things outside of yourself. (similar to Starhawk's "power over" ideas) The classic ideas of fate, destiny, and an…

Part III: Deity

Part III: Deity; or more "Breaking away from hierarchy or patriarchy without hating"

Ok, so you get the self-empowerment thing, and you've proven to yourself that you've got something going on spiritually, magically or…

Part IV: Modern Use and Misuse of Deity

Part IV: Modern Use and Misuse of the Gods and Goddesses or Universal Energy

A) Deity as Santa Clause- like the exercise for changing stop light, and like the girls in the movie "The Craft", There are some who will do a…

Part V: Finding your Specialty

The exercises you've done so far will help you determine what areas you are good at, and at what times you work best. It is not necessary to specialize, but if you desire to do so, then the more you practice the more you…

Part VI: Worship

Part VI: Worship; or, giving yourself permission to connect with what moves you in whatever way you deem best

What is being a real practitioner? As you know, guilt is self-defeating, so why include it in your…

Part VII: Be your own guru

Meditation can be your best teacher, but sitting in a knot half asleep sucks. Try guided visualizations to refresh your energy, make up your own. This may be more fulfilling than that OM chanting. Record everything in…

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