Be Your Own GuruMeditation can be your best teacher, but sitting in a knot half asleep sucks. Try guided visualizations to refresh your energy, make up your own. This may be more fulfilling than that OM chanting. Record everything in your journal/BOS

1) Meditation in a house, with a spouse? Visualize entering a house, what rooms are there? How many floors, anyone home?

2) Meditation in a cave: Go to an ocean, find a cave, go in, find a pool, someone emerges from the pool and approaches you?

3) Meditation on a hilltop: You are standing at the edge of a field, in front of you, you see a hilltop on the horizon. You lift up from the ground and are flying or floating across the field, see the ground blur past you. You fly up the hill and stop at a clearing in the midst of trees. There is a small spring and across from it............. what is there?

The best interpretations come from within. Ask yourself what your visions mean to you. Sometimes it may be better not to know the psychological or psychic interpretations of these before you do each of them a few times. This leaves you the freedom of not projecting specific expectations on your visualization. If you want to know the traditional meanings for each of these, there are many books about dream and symbol interpretation on the market. Don't be surprised if part of the scenery changes on you between "visits". I lay down to do these, as well as other visualizations.

More exercises:

1) Record your dreams. These are like unguided visualizations.

2) Know the mind states. (Check out the Library under Divination to learn more about mind states.) Learn about brain wave frequencies and try to identify which you are in. The state you are in right before sleep when pictures and ideas appear is usually alpha and is excellent for magic working. There are guided meditations counting down from a mental picture of a red number seven, through the rainbow to a violet number one. (In Laura Cabot's book) Holding the picture of each number in your mind while relaxing and breathing deeply and regularly the whole time. Mind machines and biofeedback programs will tell you exactly what state you are in. Certain chemicals and herbs will affect your mind state and enhance or hinder workings. We aren't talking thorazine here! But shamans, as well as Witches (Those darn flying ointments!) have frequently employed the use of hallucinogens and psychedelics to attain altered states. Some Witches will shudder at this, others will recommend MILD and LEGAL herbal triggers of these altered states, especially if you are a Green Witch. Sometimes just a cup of chamomile or kava kava tea before meditation can be stimulating to various mind states... follow your intuition and record all experiences.

One last thought on the subject of being your own guru: We as humans have separated ourselves from the earth, each other and our minds. We don't know our neighbors, or our families, we shut off our minds with empty entertainment that keeps us from looking inside of ourselves to seek the truth. We use deodorants, insecticides, herbicides, anti-bacterial soap, antibiotics, etc. Some of these things can be a blessing to society, however, we as a whole, have not maintained a balance. The idea of "More is Better!" has dominated us for long enough. We cannot receive unless we give. Meditate on this if you wish: Squashing a bug is not squashing a part of divinity, it is divinity, only the form, and energy is different. Do everything with intention, fully aware of your responsibility. This does not mean that you should never kill a weed, however, know what it truly means to do so, to the best of your abilities at the time. (Notice the last part of the previous sentence, and keep in mind also any feelings of guilt for actions in your past that were not well thought out. These are not useful feelings unless you use them to learn, to change, to prevent it from happening again, and to perhaps rectify any damage you once did. Guilt is self-defeating unless utilized for change.) A weed's energy, may be transformed into energy for your use, by composting it, mulching with it, preparing potions or remedies with it, etc. Poisoning it with toxins does no good. It is sad evidence of our separation from the All.

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