My Worship is in the Heart that RejoicesPart VI: Worship; or, giving yourself permission to connect with what moves you in whatever way you deem best

What is being a real practitioner? As you know, guilt is self-defeating, so why include it in your spirituality? Some MORE examples:

For a year, while living and working in a private residence, I was unable to "practice" my craft, or as I felt at the time, be a Real Witch. Then, I began making a packet of instant ginseng tea every night after my duties were completed. I would say a blessing (that has since been altered to: Let positive energy infuse this drink, that I, who consumes it, will be cleansed of the stresses of my day.......) sometimes I would specify a God/dess, sometimes I would specify different attributes I desired. I now realize that this was Real Witchcraft, that this was my ritual, my sanctuary.

While baking bread for a local health food store, and finding myself too busy to practice my craft, I realized that baking bread was my ritual. Within a huge mixer (cauldron) I would blend Water, Earth (sea salt and whole grains) Air (honey made possible by the wings of bees, as well as CO2 from the yeast) and then bake it all-Fire. To transform all these things in to the "staff of life" yes, a Christian quote! delicious, healthy food.

When gardening, we combine many different energies to make a whole. The Witch becomes the baton (wand) holding conductor, as well as an amplifier of the life energies in the garden. (Check out the Plants, Herbs & Spices section of the Library for more ideas.)

Exercise, especially yoga, can be a gesturing salutation to not only the Sun, but also the Moon and the universe.

Writing in your journal/BOS can be a ritual in itself, showing that the pen truly can be mightier than the Athame.

Tea time at sunset can be as fulfilling as an entire full moon ritual with all the pomp and props.

The point is, incorporating your Craft into your daily life IS Witchcraft! There is no need for you to fulfill the expectations of a particular Craft author (including me), only fulfilling your personal spiritual needs is necessary.

Alter that Altar!

Alter that Altar! Your computer can be your altar, as well as your desk. I like the "arms reach" altar, based on arms reach baskets made from whatever grasses or twigs are within your reach while sitting outside. In a hotel, this could be plastic cups for goblets, ice bucket as cauldron, ash tray as incense burner, etc. Or, outside it can be a rock as an altar, a stick as a wand, etc. This intuitive type of set up can sometimes be even more "accurate" than many book set ups. Your yard can be your sanctuary, your favorite chair to meditate can be your sacred space.

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Ouroboros's Avatar
Ouroboros replied the topic: #2 05 Jan 2018 14:32
A really good article, Friday.
It is the little things that we do every day, that add up to a practice. I am trying to employ this, by doing my art or my craft, for a minimum of 20 mins a day. Seems to me, I keep going longer, and that is great.
Happy 2018!
Friday's Avatar
Friday replied the topic: #3 05 Jan 2018 17:19
Thank you Ouroboros. You are putting in a respectable effort for sure! :)

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