DeityPart IV: Modern Use and Misuse of the Gods and Goddesses or Universal Energy

A) Deity as Santa Clause- like the exercise for changing stop light, and like the girls in the movie "The Craft", There are some who will do a spell or other magical working at the drop of a hat. This is a power or control addiction. "I need money, so I'm doing a prosperity and fertility spell" This kind of work is volatile! If that person's parents die and she gets an inheritance, or the fertility is expressed by her becoming pregnant, she will be screwed. (literally!) Using magical energy (which as we have seen is not separate from universal energy) is not an answer to every problem. Sometimes being connected enough to see beyond the facades of life is all that is needed. I worked for years in heavy labor jobs for minimum wage, all the while attempting schooling for a marketing career. Neither made me happy. Realizing that I couldn't make any money in an unhappy career, or labor job. I didn't understand why I couldn't get ahead, but completely reassessing my life was just the trick. Aligning my needs and loves with my external life was more successful than any spell could ever be, and once I reached out in the "correct" direction, everything took off as if by great fortune and luck, falling in to place like the pieces of a puzzle. This was not "luck" so much as it was hard work to take full responsibility of my life path.

B) Deity as the Big Boss- Christian and societal programming at work again. Postulating yourself in front of a chosen deity is not way to develop power within. "Oh mighty God/dess" has its place if you are tapping into an archetype that demands this (like the Christian Lord or Yahweh) however, in general, it is unnecessary, if not deter mental to personal power. Rather than "Please Goddess don't let me crash" upon veering off the road, an instinctual reaction of a protective "energy field" is perhaps more appropriate?

Both of the above ideas of deity are reaffirming the God as punisher/rewarder theory. But true judgment is only from within ourselves, or if we allow it, our peers. Your magic will not "run out" or be taken away through misuse, but the balance has to remain in the universe, so the subconscious may put blocks on your power, or the universal energy will balance itself out in other ways that become evident when your magic is blocked. (This is not the only reason for failed magic, see #1, where all the money spells in the world couldn't have changed my reality) Only you can determine when magic is necessary, just as only you can take responsibility for doing it.

C) Deity as the slave-like minion. I have found that for some reason, many (BUT NOT ALL!) of the people I've met who are drawn to ceremonial magick, especially Aliester Crowley's techniques, see God in this way. "Do as you wilt shall be the whole of the law" is interpreted as: If you want something, you don't ask for it, like the Santa syndrome, you demand it, command it, evoke (rather than invoke) it, and otherwise demean the energy of the universe. Insecurity under the mask of a megalomaniac's power driven personalities thrive within this theory. I cannot stress enough that not all ceremonial magicians, nor all of the people drawn to Aliester Crowley's ideas see deity in this way! There has just been an inordinate amount in my experience with fellow magicians. Perhaps these theories lend themselves well to power hungry egotists, and perhaps those same people are misinterpreting Crowley's ideas, either way, the vision of using energy this selfishly and irresponsibly makes my hair stand on end.

* 1999 Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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