Third Eye and Personal PowerIn Part I we talked about the self defeating programming that takes power from within you and gives it to things outside of yourself. (similar to Starhawk's "power over" ideas) The classic ideas of fate, destiny, and an all powerful god, as well as modern hierarchies in business and relationships, all demand that we relinquish our responsibilities for our lives and our actions. ("I killed them because I was ordered to"........ "Who said you could do that"...... "I'm a jerk because of the drugs") Learning to recognize power within vs. power over takes practice. Read "The Spiral Dance" by Starhawk to better understand the traits encompassed by these two. But! In the Meantime......... Exercises! And a one and a two and a three, feel it stretch...........

1) Your Personal Power Levels: Throughout the day, and several times a month, try this exercise and record ANY results in your BOS or journal. This includes no results. Include the day of the week, the time, the moon phase, and your mood, as well as the weather that day or even what you've eaten. Place palms flat on your thighs, raise them up in front of you and have them face each other, palm to palm about a foot apart. With one hand (still flat) make a T by pointing your fingertips towards your other palm that is still pointing upward. Move the horizontal hand up and down, keeping it flat so that the tips of its fingertips are about one-three inches from your vertical hand. You are trying too identify sensations. Some people feel a tingling where the fingertips point, some feel pressure, heat, cold, etc. The effect may be subtle, or at times, not even there, so keep trying. You will find that many things will affect your personal power/energy. Some find that eating red meat or chocolate will change it, for better or worse depending on the person. Others find that when the moon if full it is stronger for them. I find that late nights are the best for me, so I do psychic readings and magical works at those times. My friend finds that if it has been raining for several days, it is stronger for them. Another friend is full of energy at the Equinoxes, but drained at Solstices.

2) Deja Vu is explained through many different theories; it is a glimpse of the future, past, etc. it was a prophetic dream that you didn't remember until something triggered it or it was needed, etc. These ideas don't help much when it is happening to you. Recording in your BOS or Journal can help you cross reference the experiences to help better understanding of them. Having Deja Vu frequently when you are with a specific person may help you develop ideas about your relationship with that person. (We were together in a past life..... I dream about that person a lot....... that person is easy to read for psychically .......that person has karmic ties to me..... whatever) You can identify what triggers it in you, and what it is telling you.

3) Synchronicity & Meaningful Coincidence The dictionary defines synchronicity as: "the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality -- used especially in the psychology of C. G. Jung" * Here's one that can make you obsessively read too much in to things, but it's great fun. Try to notice what Jung would call "Synchronicity" in your life. A visitor to this site, Naurthon, relates an example of this used by Jung: ...a patient of his is relating her dream involving a scarab beetle. While she was telling Dr. Jung the dream, a beetle of the scarab family began trying to fly into the room through the closed window. That is synchronicity because of the psychic content involved. Naurthon goes on to relate: If the beetle had flown into the window just as the patient happened to open a book to a picture of a scarab, that would be just ordinary coincidence. However I don't think this is just coincidence. The patient may have been thinking of her dream, and the picture in the book, just as the beetle showing up, also shows there is psychic content involved. Perhaps her subconcious guided her to open the book to just that spot, or perhaps she psychically attracted the beetle when she saw the picture.

Another example: These events may seem like coincidences, but becoming aware of patterns in your life can help you learn. Say you are watching a movie about a boy who loses his dog. Your partner calls to let you know she will be late for supper because she is picking up dog food before coming home. You hear a weather broadcast on the radio about the "dog days" of summer being here. Then, the next day your neighbor wants to give you a puppy, a client or friend wants you to find their lost dog, or (hopefully not) something happens to your dog. I've also found that deja vu is more common when these parallels are happening. By finding, and recording these incidences, you can discover parallels in your life and "predict" the future more easily, as well as learn more about how your mind works in general or how obsessive you can get. "grin"

The only one who can identify personal experiences as synchronous or just simple coincidence is you. Common sense is needed, and sometimes an unbiased opinion helps, but essentially it is up to you. This doesn't mean that coincidental or synchronous events and thoughts are a way relinquish responsibility for you life, in contrast, by identifying the patterns in your life, you can often take hold of the reins to steer it in the direction you wish to head. By recording these events, you will come to be able to identify simple coincidences from meaningful ones. You will notice a certain feeling goes along with synchronous events. For some people, this is a shiver, for others just a sense of knowing. When you learn to identify significant and meaningful events like this, you will be able to use them as tools for understanding and directing your world, path and self.

4) Acknowledge your impulses One of the fastest ways to increase your psychic and magical abilities, is to indulge your "inner child". If you feel the NEED to call a friend that you haven't seen for years, DO SO! If you are singing a song that you don't even like, turn on the radio and see if it's playing. As you allow these impulses to be heard, the parts of you responsible for them will become stronger. You may look like a fool "guessing" who is calling when the phone rings, etc. but eventually it pays off. Ignore any negative judgments from other people about how you "look" when you are doing this. When others question your intuition, it triggers self doubt and all that old programming.

5) Traditional exercises:  These are traditional exercises that are given to psychics and magic users. They are Not recommend until people are more advanced or practiced. But not because they are more difficult, (in fact they are quite simple) or because of some elitist hierarchy (or I wouldn't repeat them) but rather, because they may seem unethical to some people. You must have determined prior to doing them, what your ethics are. You must also be willing to take responsibility for any results of these exercises. They do affect other people and only you can decide if and how you want to try them. The first is the "Turning Heads" exercise. Go to a place where people wait, grocery store lines are excellent. Pick someone who is spacing off and send a signal to them---- something like "look at me" ---or-- "look around" -----or--- "HEY!". When they do look, you know that you have successfully invaded someone's head. The second is the old stop light thing. Before you get to a red light, project green, or the word CHANGE, but this is dangerous for many obvious reasons, and besides what about others waiting for the red light. I prefer an altered version of this taken from Laurie Cabot I think. Before you set off to a store, visualize your favorite parking spot there and see it as vacant, and "reserved" you'll find it empty more often than usual.

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Ouroboros's Avatar
Ouroboros replied the topic: #2 09 May 2016 13:38
I frequently do the "who is phoning?" game. Most often I'm right. Sometimes I will just say to my Hubby "It's for you". and it is.
I do have a favourite parking spot that 9 out of 10 times I will get. I always say please and thank you in advance. If my spot is unavailable I will ask for a spot that is equally convenient and it will show up.
Even my husband says, ask for your spot.
I had a synchronistic event in Mexico. All week people had been pointing out the whales breaching. I missed each encounter. On my last day, I said "I want to see a whale jump, right there, right now" and it happened. I saw the mother and baby come to the surface. I burst into tears of joy. They played in front of me for half an hour. It was wonderful. It just go's to prove the old saying "Ask and you will receive". :hat:
Tribul replied the topic: #3 19 May 2016 22:42
:pent: :brew: :hat: :spell: :yy: :candle: I'm

putting in my- :2cents: worth I personally agree with you Ma'am!!!
Ouroboros's Avatar
Ouroboros replied the topic: #4 20 May 2016 12:42
Greetings Tribul, May I ask? Is that a chicken you're petting?
Guru44Coffman replied the topic: #5 06 Jun 2018 21:28
I gave read all above. And I couldn't agree more. Being a Witch already (of many years) I see through the veil. I agree with the fact that their are no coincidence. I love the fact of synchronicity, every day I realize that our thoughts, intentions, and with our words we can and do manifest our own reality. While I also thank my daily, I keep a open knowing at any time we may be pitched a curve by the universe, for we may be needed in another area. This always allows me to accept the upcoming turn in my path. I say all of this with no ego as I have killed ego years ago. Blessed Be)0(

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