Tumbled stones used in magic and spell workStones are excellent tools for spells and magic.  You can use them in a number of ways, but stone pouches are a convenient tool for energy and chakra work to rituals and wards.  This article is a quick reference for some of the best candidates for spiritual and metaphysical uses of stone, crystals and minerals.  Note:The PaganPath Shop carries may stones and combination pouches for your convenience.

These stone profiles reflect our experiences here at PaganPath.  Please remember that you may feel a different energy from a type of stone, and that every stone has its own 'personality'.

Amazonite: A type of feldspar used for harmony, blending many energies, peace, calm, communication.

Amber: A powerful amulet and traditional Witch's 'stone' for good reason. The most ancient stone used for amulets and magick. Solar and light energy. Very energizing, increases power; purification and protection from negativity, psychic and magickal vampirism; shielding (without hiding).

Amethyst: Enhances general magickal workings and raises personal power. To fine tune its energy, combine amethyst with other stones and focus clearly on your goals and intent. Well suited to psychic development, protection, detoxification, inner exploration, emotional and psychic shielding, purification, breaking addictions, self-understanding.

Apache Tears: A special variety of volcanic obsidian used for protection and shielding, emotional cleansing, grounding. Brings protective earth energy to sensitive psychics and empaths.

Black Tourmaline: Protection and purification. Probably the best all around protection stone. Tends to need less cleansing than many stones. Shielding, grounding, neutralizing, detoxification, prevents psychic and magickal drain, anti-hex, converts negative energy into neutral energy.

Bloodstone: A red and green chalcedony used for strength, healing, courage, detoxification, purification. Very balancing, energizing and grounding of sexual and emotional centers for healing the body and spirit. Combines well with other stones and spell ingredients. (Works and plays well with others.)

Botswana Agate: Soothing and energizing, like a spa treatment for the spirit. For manifesting higher goals, clearing conflict, harmonizing, absorbs negative energy (cleanse stone well) and prevents unwanted visitors (physical, psychic, dimensional, etc.). Cuts ties to the past, psychic links, hexes, addictions & negative patterns. Helps prevent dwelling/obsessing on the negative; helps find solutions.

Carnelian: Orange-red and usually semi-translucent. For focus, concentration, uplifting, energizing, protection. Prevents psychic and emotional drain. Helps reinforce aura, increase confidence, improve motivation. Brings an energizing life force for creativity, personal will and sexuality.

Celestite: Also known as Celestine, this rare mineral is used to help you connect with your higher self, tune-in to your deeper goals, face your shadows, and for dream work. Very healing when working through issues in order to reclaim your personal power, and open your flow of energy to that of the universe. With time, this use also helps with manifestation of your true goals and desires in the physical plane.

Citrine: A quartz in the yellow hues, from lemon-yellow to root beer amber. Very energizing and enlightening. Used for manifestation of creativity. Brightens mood, boosts your 'inner fire' and protects against negativity.

Clear Quartz: Power, protection, harmony, energy. These power-houses will boost the energy of any healing, energy work, ritual tool or talisman. Whether tumbled smooth or in their original pointed crystal form, they add their energy to the overall working according to your will and focus, while providing clarity and helping harmonize mixed energies of other stones, other people's wills, etc.

Fluorite: The color often indicates its uses, ranging from green (healing) to purple (psychic work) and more. Very high energy in the mind and crown chakra. It can help to open doors of perception, improve mental clarity for decision making, divination or study. Very cleansing and purifying, will remove negativity and is a great 'junk eraser' after healing, psychic, ritual, spell and magickal work.

Garnet: Healing broken hearts, physical health, strength, sexual expression, self-worth, attraction, lust, sexual love, protection. Used to invoke the symbolism of the pomegranate. Earth energy, fertility.

Goldstone: Helps you focus on and achieve your goals; increases ambition and drive; emotionally stabilizing; protection; uplifting. Has a slight tendency to attract money.

Green Aventurine: A green quartz stone with mica inclusions. Increases opportunities, confidence, growth, personal energy, vitality and perception. Aventurine is often used for luck; helping you take advantage of opportunities, and allowing you to better perceive opportunities as they arise. Traditionally used to attract adventure and for general attraction, creating a positive attitude, fortifying independence; said by some practitioners to invoke the favor of the Goddess of Love.

Hawk's Eye: A 'tiger's eye' stone in the colors of blue, green and gray. For clarity and gaining perspective, psychic work and visions, opening the third eye, protection while doing visualization, divination and magick. Eye stones are often used for luck, helping you take advantage of opportunities, or helping you to perceive opportunities as they arise. Psychic, mental and emotional stamina.

Hematite: An iron oxide mineral. Manifestation, potency, charisma, grounding, balancing of opposites, detoxification, strength & courage; can be used in spells for removing insecurity or even impotency.

Jet: A very powerful amulet used since ancient times for protection, purification, manifestation on the physical plane, stress relief, dispelling negative patterns within and without, grounding (without heaviness). Prevents psychic and magickal vampirism, purification, helps channel earth energies. Lunar and shadow energy. A traditional Witch's 'stone' with good reason. Tumbled jet pieces are $2.50 each.

Kyanite: Mental and psychic clarity; stays clear for better purification and protection; quick access to visualization, magickal powers, telepathy and intuition. Unlocks the third eye, helps you understand how to use your skills responsibly. Aids in communication, expression, balance, dream work, meditation.

Lapis Lazuli: Creativity, visualization, expression, articulation, communication, intuition, useful for divination and psychic readings. Helps you tap into your psychic centers to aid in gathering and directing your energy, raising power for magick and spells, visualizing and manifesting goals.

Mahogany Obsidian: Promotes inner strength & healing; reduces feelings of unworthiness; amazing ability to end psychic attacks & psychic "chains" or "ties" placed either consciously or subconsciously by others. Stabilizing & grounding for better manifestation & healing. Unblocking, protection, gently grounding.

Malachite: Useful for analyzing repeated negative patterns, draws out repressed memories and emotions, good for revealing and healing emotional damage and trauma. Good for healing broken hearts.

Mook Jasper: A micro-crystalline quartz. Helps tune into earth energies, cycles and patterns. Excellent for maintaining the sense of wonder and openness of youth, thereby increasing opportunities & gratitude.

Moonstone: Self-acceptance, self-confidence, tuning into your intuition and psychic centers, soothing, balancing and calming, dream work, shadow work, working with cycles and patterns, feminine power, intuition, Goddess energy, inspiration, creativity.

Picture Jasper: Banded with many colors, the patterns in the stone sometimes resemble a landscape. Tuning into earth energies, harmonizing multiple energies, gaining perspective and insight for physical manifestations (redecorating, garden plans, business plans). Visualization, nurturing, confidence.

Red Jasper: A micro-crystalline quartz. A very useful stone you will reach for again and again. Balancing, handling emotional stress, retaining dreams and visions, enhancing physical strength and inner stability. Gently grounding. Has a good healing energy, especially in the lower chakra centers.

Red Tiger's Eye & Golden Cat's Eye: Found in red (tiger), gold and yellow (cat) and used for protection, perception and clear thinking, discovering truth, luck. Like Aventurine, eye stones are often used for general luck, but this is primarily due to their ability to help you take advantage of opportunities by increasing your ability to perceive both opportunities and pitfalls as they arise. Excellent for enhancing and focusing willpower, protection, grounding, vitality, motivation, balance, insight and integrity. Also used for psychic, mental and emotional stamina; and for seeing your way clearly.

Rhodonite: Pink and black coloration is a reminder of the grounding and centering of this stone's energy. It helps to stabilize emotions and ground the heart chakra for better healing. A stone of grace, discovering hidden talents, generosity and compassion, expression of love, understanding your purpose.

Rose Quartz: Pink shades of micro-crystalline quartz, usually found in mass rather than individual crystals. Heals emotions, self-love & self-acceptance. Dissipates negativity, anger, tension & frustration. For unconditional love, self acceptance, beauty, allowing love in, creativity; enhances yours or your partner's receptivity to love; prevents fighting and encourages harmony, friendship and peace.

Ruby: Increases life force, courage, confidence; invokes sensuality and passion; attracts people towards the wearer. Energizes and activates all energy centers; Boosts motivation; helps aspire to new levels.

Sapphire: Balancing, healing & soothing; Increases awareness and personal power. It is said in folklore and magickal correspondences to insure faithfulness and protect relationships from love triangles.

Selenite: A soft stone with a powerful punch. Helps to direct energy to your will and goals, aids in communicating with other realms, clears the cobwebs from the third eye and crown to enhance perception. Increase awareness, psychic skills & insight. Harmoniously blends & amplifies other stones.

Shiva Lingham: Meditation, insight, healing, very balancing & energizing, psychic skills, high spiritual vibrations, union of opposites, manifestation of wisdom. Healing of emotional and sexual issues, reclaiming sexual power and increasing self-love. Understanding and trusting the positive masculine.

Smokey Quartz: Protective of sensitive people, helping to guard against over-empathizing, being suckered by con artists, and helps prevent unhealthy relationships with others. Both grounding and uplifting, it is often used to move energy through all the seven major chakras. Pairs well with amethyst.

Snowflake Obsidian: You will love this stone so much that even after decades of use, you will find yourself coming back to it. While grounding, centering and protecting, it brings hidden things to the surface. You can use this energy for emotional and physical healing, psychic awareness and even for spells to return lost objects. Helps one to see patterns for better psychic readings and mental health.

Sodalite: A fantastic writer's stone for inspiration and any creative pursuit involving intelligence, communication, education (teaching and learning), creativity, fore-sight and logic.

Spirit Quartz: Found in amethyst, clear and other types of quartz, these special formations are a larger crystal covered in many smaller drusy quartz crystals. Gaining perspective, increasing humor and ability to experience joy, reducing fears and anxiety, moving on, speeds and enhances magickal workings, great for covens as it helps many people work toward a common goal, heals discord, increases patience, will receive a magickal charge well, making it well suited to talismans and wards. Projects a charge well.

Staurolite Crystal: Also called fairy cross, used much like the pre-Christian symbol of an equal armed cross or X, symbolizes the crossing of paths on the universal web, invokes the favor of the Fates or Goddess of Crossroads. Helps protect against hexes, negativity & rebound from magical work and spells.

Tiger Iron: A very powerful combination of red jasper, tiger eye and hematite. Harmoniously blends all of the energies of these three stones. Great for manifestation, protection, energy, strength, stamina, increases willpower, motivation, bringing insights into action, healing and grounding, creative solutions.

Tourmalated Quartz: A powerful shield of protection and neutralization of negative energy. Stays clear a long time, making it perfect as a 'take with you' charm. Energizing and grounding at the same time. The powers of black tourmaline and clear quartz crystal blended perfectly. Good for purification.

Unakite: A green and pink jasper (micro-crystalline quartz) that balances and heals the heart, helps manifest love, calming and stabilizing, prevents ego-based negative patterns, good for releasing.

Watermelon Tourmaline: Balances the heart, encourages self love while healing and recovering from negative relationship or past mistakes. Increases your magnetism and attraction for your positive benefit. Tends to protect you from spells cast by others, but this energy is more prominent in black tourmaline.

Wavelite: A very rare mineral found here in Arkansas at the PaganPath Sanctuary. Extremely useful for tuning into earth energies, manifestation, understanding interconnectedness, healing emotions, finding your path and making decisions. Excellent for healing, increasing your sense of well-being, changing your perspective when you are feeling down or 'stuck' and helps you gain insight.

Zebra Stone: Helps you see yourself and others clearly, removing illusions and delusions. Grounding of high energy without being too heavy, it helps to manifest goals on the material plane. A stone with "unconditional love" energy somewhat similar to rose quartz (the two stones work well together).Helps harmonize varied energies of numerous stones or ingredients in a spell or talisman. Helps combat depression, apathy and disinterest; increases creativity and motivation; a nurturing & protective energy.


These stone profiles reflect our experiences here at PaganPath.  Please remember that you may feel a different energy from a type of stone, and that every stone has its own 'personality'.

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Author: FridayWebsite: http://PaganPath.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Author & Academy Instructor
Friday is devoted to writing books and articles on a variety of Pagan subjects, and is the instructor of the online PaganPath Academy. She has studied and practiced the Craft since 1987, and worked as a professional tarot reader and vice president of a national psychic network for several decades. Currently, she is now a practicing herbalist and ordained minister. As a Master Gardener with a deep interest in permaculture, she is developing the PaganPath Sanctuary with her partner. This long term community project is an edible landscape demonstration, orchard and educational facility for future generations.

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Ouroboros's Avatar
Ouroboros replied the topic: #2 09 May 2016 13:19
I'm a big fan of using crystals to heal, inspire and use magically to effect the changes that i want to see. I am always giving people gifts of stones that I think will help them. I tell them how to use them, but it is up to them, it only works if you believe. :2cents: They work for me! :hat:
KatMarie's Avatar
KatMarie replied the topic: #3 28 Mar 2018 17:12
I will certainly keep this article close, very nice. I do see Labradolite is missing from this list, may I ask why? Again thank you for the information!
Analepsys replied the topic: #4 04 Jul 2018 20:29
does anyone know where i can get an eagle stone. i need it for a pregnant friend, she wants an amulet bag of sorts. thanx in advance for any suggestions.

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