PaganPath Moon Incense

This is a very simple recipe and an extraordinarily wonderful incense that we've carried in the PaganPath Shop for years.  You can make it yourself by following this recipe.  The fragrance is woodsy, watery and…

Hot For You Hot Cocoa

A Recipe & A Bit of Magic!

This is a recipe for wonderful hot cocoa mix powder (may I offer you a hot beverage?).  The spell is an excerpt from one of the exclusive online books in the PaganPath Premium Members…

Volute's Vanilla Chai Snickerdoodles

Better than anything you'll find at an upscale bistro, cafe or bakery, these whole wheat cookies are the perfect compliment to any harvest Sabbat or lunar Esbat.  The rich buttery dough is flavored with vanilla chai…

Volute's Harvest Sabbat Cakes

This is an excellent recipe for Samhain cakes which can be used as a part of ritual, for gatherings, or just to enjoy as a nutritious seasonal snack.  This recipe includes seasonal ingredients such as sunflower…

Florida Water & Bay Rum Formulas

Florida Water is a type of Eau de Cologne with citrus and herbal notes. The name is a reference to the Fountain of Youth.

Formulas vary but the fragrance tends to be citrus, herbal and sometimes flowery.  Sweet…

Child of the Lady Oil Formula

An incredible oil for Magic, Ritual and Personal Fragrance! Enjoy this exclusive formula!

Fragrance classification is often subject to change, adaptation and alteration. There are various fragrance families such as…

Moon Energy Bath

Attune yourself to the energy of the moon with this meditation bath.  The energy of the moon changes with its phases, but a basic moon bath recipe may be altered for any energy/phase.  Lunar energy is excellent…

Holy Oil Formulas & Uses

Holy oil has been used since ancient times, and is still used in many spiritual traditions. It is frequently overlooked as a magical tool, as it is primarily used for anointing and blessing. However, those of us who work…

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