Guérin was a French Post-Impressionist PainterAttune yourself to the energy of the moon with this meditation bath.  The energy of the moon changes with its phases, but a basic moon bath recipe may be altered for any energy/phase.  Lunar energy is excellent for boosting your personal energy and a moon bath is helpful for detoxing your body.

Light several candles and burn some incense.  For the full moon, I suggest incense such as sandalwood, myrrh, jasmine, gardenia or lily.  Relax and perform any visualizations you use to detox and energize. If you can see the moon outside of your bathroom window, open the curtains and let the moonlight filter in.

For each full moon, you might like to add a seasonal ingredient to this basic recipe. For example, the lemon verbena in your garden might look beautiful in late summer, so you could add some of that. In the middle of winter, a few crushed pine needles might be nice. Herbs appropriate for autumn could be pomegranate or spicy scented geraniums. You can also add herbs that are considered sacred to your specific Goddess.

This basic full moon bath recipe can also be used for lustral baths. A lustral bath is a bath you take prior to magic and rituals. It is intended to cleanse away negativity and help you get into the correct, relaxed mental state for rituals.

Use your intuition, see what "calls" to you from your herb cupboard or garden, and have fun!

Basic Moon Bath Salts

1/2 cup Himalayan Sea Salt or other Sea Salt
3 drops Jasmine, Gardenia or Sandalwood Oil - or any combination of these three oils.

Add to warm running bath water to dissolve.

Basic Moon Herbal Bath

1/4 cup mugwort leaves and stems
1/4 cup vervain leaves
1 Tablespoon Salt (sea salt is nice)

Top right bright "star" is the planet VenusTie herbs and salt into a cloth, or use a muslin tea bag or strainer. Bring 1 gallon of water to a boil (preferably in a non-metal pot) Drop in the strainer filled with herbs/salt. Cover and steep for 10 minutes. Add this mixture to your bath water.


Tie herbs and salt into a cloth or muslin tea bag and drop under hot running bath water as you fill the tub.


Tie herbs and salt into a washcloth use in the shower if you don't have a bathtub. Simply wet the bundle under the running water and then rub it over your skin as you would a bar of soap.

References & Resources

PaganPath Formulary & Recipe Converstion Table

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